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  1. Not sure shaming people is the way to go here.. but I'll save my reasoning for another post
  2. It's an art form how every good idea in Thailand gets walked two steps back and becomes nightmare in bureaucracy once a few meetings of understanding are held. The touch of somchai, amazing Thailand.
  3. Is the border to Cambodia open now? i.e. can a brit fly from Thailand to PP as normal, visa on arrival / no quarantine?
  4. Is that an iphone I see in the left pocket? Couldn't possibly trade in a high-residual phone and get a cheap 2000baht android for "essential communication" (as is usually the excuse for not selling the iphone when begging with postcards or gofundme)
  5. Is there been any reports (even prior to Corona) of immigration turning up at your registered hotel a week after overstay? I think Im tempted to just pay 3500baht and overstay 7 days as extension fee, taxis and the stress, inconsistency and lengthyness of the process just isnt worth the hassle imo, and based on timioti report a few posts earlier immigration themselves even seem to be encouraging it . oh well if they prejudice on future entry.. no big loss come on someone say it "you make it difficult for the rest of us"...
  6. That's generally how it works, then it's up to the population to revolt and overthrow their "masters" if they so choose, or at least effect change - <deleted> you can still legally eat dogs and cats outside of schezen china, the "masters" as you call them only have power because the majority of the population remains willfully loyal, obedient and extremely nationalist. The chinese people don't believe they are living under an authoritive ruling but rather as blessed citizines of the greatest nation on earth. This no differrent than immigration rules for a people of a certain country, it's not racist, but you nothing to go on other than nationality to decide who fits the profile etc.. You can't just ban the chinese chief ministry of food and the minsitry of health.
  7. I would much prefer they just cap the overstay at 10,000baht for up to three months and written declaration that no detrimental effects on future re-entry for overstay occuring between 15th Feb - May/June/whenever-normality-resumes. Win win for everyone, no more trees, no immigration visits, and a health lump of money for the country.
  8. Not sure I've been to a bar in the last 3 years where a girly drink was only 150baht? But back on point I'm sure they only get something small like 30baht from them..
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