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  1. Can you tell us What paperwork do they check? How they check...i what way they check? They make a call to the ASQ Hotel or They call the Insurance company? Thanks
  2. Now i get really confused! We are talking about a Marry extension...right? Soon i will go back to Thailand on a NON-O marriage (90 days) which i want to extend for 1 year using the 40k monthly income method.This is my first time. UJ told before that only 2 month proof of income (40K from abroad) was required OR a letter from the embassy ( affidavit of income) Now i read proof off income for 12 month and NO affidavit of income This will be my first 1 year extension and i can show 3 month of income (from abroad)in my Thai Bank I can also show a letter from my employee or a letter of
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