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  1. Oh! Vindicated at last. I brought this up on another thread about applicants needing to find the time, money and resources to have 2 tests and 2 fit to fly certs. and should factor this in when calculating the cost of coming back to Thailand. It was pointed out to me that the fit to fly and Covid result were only needed to pick ip the CoE but, as I suspected at the time, this was an oversight by the embassies and now they are correcting it. Well thats just added another 6,000 baht to the cost of coming here, on top of the 60k+ it was already going to cost.
  2. Local Tesco stores arent much better. When they had the ban for the election I went into a mini Tesco at 6.30pm on the Sunday (the ban ended 6pm Sunday) and had an old woman behind the counter refuse to sell beer, even took it off the counter and put it on the floor behind the counter. She spoke no English so I searched on my phone for the article in the Bangkok post about the hours for the ban and brought up the Thai version and showed her. Made no difference, even had a Thai guy who spoke a little English come up to see what the problem was. Showed him the article with the details and he explained it to her and still not willing to sell to me. I walked out, went 500m up the road and into 7/11 and got what I wanted. My mate and I then sat outside the front of the hotel, drinking our beers and playing with the owners dogs and watching motorbike after motorbike of Thais pull up at the Tesco and walk out with beers and alcohol!!
  3. Thoroughly enjoy cooking, even more so since coming to Thailand where the food is not as enjoyable as in China. My main problem with continuing my love of cooking here is the lack of a kitchen. Even new build houses here seem to be devoid of a kitchen. My condo has a "kitchenette", well, a sink and a hole yo put stuff and a fridge. Neighbours here use a gas cylinder and burner on the balcony for all their cooking but with my washing machine taking up 60% of my balcony I cant do that. I have an electric hob, a godawful induction hob and an oven so things are improving on the cooking front although I really miss my kitchen back in China with a hot water tap for the sink for washing up (instead of having to boil a kettle), shelving for all my ingredients and appliances. Can't have that here because my kitchen before was about half the size of my current condo.
  4. Especially as it means the cost of coming back goes up. To get the certificate they will want to see the medical insurance paperwork, plus a fit to fly and covid result. So you send that to them and it then gets passed from in-tray to in-tray for a few days until an embassy official gets soooo bored he dicides to do some work. Then you wait to get it back but by now your 72 hours is up so you have to arrange, and pay for, another fit to fly and Covid test before your flight. Here's a question though, having gone through all this [email protected]#$%ks to get to fly here, you've got your overpriced flight ticket and get to the airport to discover the flight has been delayed/cancelled and you're on the last few hours of your fit to fly and covid 72 hour thing, if you don't leav the airport before you get another flight will they let you fly?
  5. Because by the time your 2 week holiday is over the $3000 will have already been split between various brown envelopes.
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