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  1. 24 hours of clear fluids only, if symptoms persist continue with the clear fluids and use loperamide to stiffen the stools and act as an anti-spasmodic. In 90+% of cases that will suffice. Usually only if the diarrhea contains blood or is accompanied by vomiting would the need for antibiotics be indicated. Bearing in mind that the antibiotics won't cure the symptoms, they simply attack the suspected cause. If this, as was suggested by the article, was caused by seafood then even antibiotics may not be of any use as viral pathogens could be the root cause. Either way, go with the clear fluids ONLY for 24 hours, if symproms improve then dry toast can be eaten. If symptoms don't worsen you're pretty much good to go.
  2. So, on the tax theme. How do you get a tax ID in Thailand? I searched online and found an article that said what was required was my passport and my lease agreement showing Id been in Thailand for 180 days out of the last 365. It then said to go to any revenue office to apply for a tax ID. Well, no problem with the passport and rental agreement, the problem came when I arrived at the revenue office and they didn't want the rental agreement they wanted my work permit. Then the woman wanted to speak to someone from the school, which I told her was impossible as the school has not reopened yet. Then I get told I can't get a tax ID, I have to go to the local government offices 10km away and get authority from them. Do ANY government departments here know their own rules and regulations? So, any sensible suggestions as to how to get a tax ID (stress free) would be appreciated. I need one, apparently, for my proposed new school to process my visa and work permit change from my current school to the new one.
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