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  1. a lot of my posts with awesome funny names for trump are deleted. you never really get to see those.
  2. if i had to chose i would be independent or libertarian ? can't stand the smugness of liberals and republicans believe in some far out stuff.
  3. once this is all either over or under control the world economy is going to be decimated. good luck. we are in for a really rough ride over the coming years. peace be with you all.
  4. and here in lies part of the big issue this time. neither side believes the other. you cheat. no you cheat. no way we are the clean team. no way we are the best. the wheels on the bus go round and round.
  5. that's some mighty fine conclusions you have drawn there. don't let me stop you. where did i say anyone would like it. you are putting words into my mouth. i said the entertainment value for some will be glorious. i don't really like much of the politics that goes on here but please don't tell me that it is not entertaining.the gong show that is the don and america have become a laughing stock. dems thinking voting joe biden in will help that image ? good grief. ill reiterate again. i do not follow politics. left vs right is simply fodder used by rich people to keep po
  6. i don't do politics my friend. you can play the left vs right game all you want. and absolutely trump supporters will look rather silly if he loses.
  7. can you imagine if the don actually wins ? o man the entertainment it will provide will be glorious. a few posters on here will look rather silly.
  8. scrap the dumb dumb bracelet idea and legalize weed and casinos. not the greatest solutions as they come with their own issues but option A ain't working so well right now is it ?
  9. for the ladyboys. money. service. out the door. sleep. no chitty chat. no buffalo stories. no emotions. just one solid bj win win.
  10. not really. hit puberty late so got teased for that for a bit. other than that i was a stud. chicks dig me.
  11. heheheheheh you kidder you. a government passing up on a new trough of money to stick their disgusting snouts into ?
  12. please correct me if i am wrong... when these kinds of committee's are set up they have a head or leader. this leader gets paid more as a new title is designated. who will head that panel ? what will the extra pay be ? if i am wrong forget this comment.
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