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  1. unless you are going to cover the entire loss of revenue from 30 odd million people coming here good luck skipper.
  2. make sure you check out a gem store in bkk during your tuk tuk ride grab a taxi from phuket airport enter a national park brave bkk traffic endure the smog season stare in awe at the bounteous amounts of garbage all over the place
  3. religious people are so thin skinned. how dare ye talk about my god....who i can't even prove exists.
  4. this is a huge part of the problem facing this nation. but hey keep on keeping on thailand.
  5. nope. this is getting out of hand now. let the virus rip. the world needs to move on. how long are we going to stay in limbo crushing the future of so many ? 99% survival rate right ?
  6. body positivity maybe not such a good thing to push after all ? who would of known.
  7. there is some footage on dailymail website right now of a protestor being executed point blank on the street. these poor human beings.
  8. i just got an std reading the last few pages of this thread. can you 2 get a room before you make more of a mess.
  9. i do not condone nor do i encourage violence for any reason. but if you want to blow up a building with no one in it i support you in every way. go ahead blow up a farm and watch btc moon in value prompting a new wave of interest.
  10. bring the old fella over for a holiday of a lifetime. but moving your ailing father over in the condition you mention. a world of hassle awaits. with a father that age you can't be no spring chicken either. how's your health ?
  11. this will change too. just the other day kevin o'leary did a 180(but not really) about btc and is now investing. he also talked about getting a zero carbon plan going for bitcoin as well. not only will btc change the world financially but it will also drive innovation for new tech to solve those environmental problems.
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