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  1. ok that's it. please government save me. please make me feel safe. i will do whatever it takes. i think viruses are going to be the new al qaeda. the new boogyman. the bad guy. the one we all need to unite against. cower in your rooms and beg the government and specialists to save you. don't forget to scan your qr code on the way to the bathroom you hear.
  2. all of this must be a rip in the fabric of time. a switch into an alternate universe or something ? am i really living in this world now ?
  3. vegas is taking bets on when these restrictions will prematurely finish.
  4. you just solidify my point with your ramble. where did i say i was a victim of anything ?
  5. look at how the elite and rich have us turn against each other. *sigh*
  6. YES. again and again this government proves there are no limits in their ability to make the big decisions that move this country forward. continuing down this path gives me great hope and optimism for the future of thailand.
  7. Oh, maybe the officials should have been telling the parents that they are ignorant ar5es, because that would have been right. What do you think the government and the officials should do about irresponsible parents? charge them with criminal negligence causing death at minimum.
  8. Northern lights doesn't relief themselves at these latitudes due how Earth's magnetic shield works. We do however have squid fishing boats, which often use green lights to attract squids. There was even a NASA astronaut, who got confused about these lights some years back. https://www.universetoday.com/113997/what-are-these-mysterious-green-lights-photographed-from-the-space-station/ errr. i would of said put the bong down to that comments but....ground control to major tom ? https://www.leafly.com/strains/northern-lights
  9. turn it into a tourist attraction. after travel restrictions are lifted you can work off your quarantine costs ?
  10. what happens when my temperature explodes during the massage ?
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