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  1. what a great title for a new movie based on the wuwu. 37 days - the dawn of the red light
  2. sorry no link wuwu - noun wuwu - a disease that started in late 2019 in wuhan china. wuwu is a synonym for corona or covid-19 he contracted wuwu whilst riding public transit. wuwu was a big problem in italy and america.
  3. do you check in before the vertical hustle ? might be a bad idea to do temp checks after.
  4. remember when people used to laugh at the 20 year plan. not looking so funny anymore is it ?
  5. some very tough questions with this subject. what is the minimum age one should be allowed to make life altering decisions regarding their sexuality ?
  6. so much wrong in such a small article. resume normal life wearing a mask - oxymoron restoration of normal life - tell that to people in tourism posed high risk of transmitting what ? thailand is 5 weeks now corona free WHY must people still wear masks ? 5 WEEKS and borders closed. lets not pretend for one minute anymore this has anything to do with the wuwu.
  7. i told my wife i would burn down our house back home and take the 3 years in jail for arson before ever giving her a penny.
  8. the money isn't horrible for a babysitter though.
  9. be the best father you can be to your son even with your tough circumstances. get rid of her though.
  10. so what you are telling me is if given the chance to be the leader of thailand you would be a corrupt piece of shoot too ? yet come on here daily barking at how pathetic the man is and how terrible a job he is doing etc, ohhh the irony.
  11. they don't call it the land of smiles for nothing. many who think they have solid thai friends will be disappointed one day.
  12. i'd like to see any of you moaners do his job for a week. or look as sharp as this color coordinated mastermind does.
  13. come on admit it. you are up early so you can be one of the first to comment on the daily stories.
  14. make sure you wear a bib. being from the great white north i would really only miss the weather.
  15. remind me again how long the states you mentioned have been corona free ? thailand is on day 34 or something.
  16. maybe you hit the snooze button. sheeple is so 2010.
  17. the only real choice was banned from even trying, she would of been able to start the change that this country desperately needs.
  18. i say go for it thailand. what could possibly go wrong.
  19. *sigh* where is your confidence....you were always a handsome man. sexy man. where you go.
  20. i only wear the mask to get into places i need to go. the whole mask wearing bit is stupid now. with the borders closed there is no justification anyone can give now as to why we are still wearing masks.
  21. way to go buddy. you did it big guy. you're the best......now go have a nap.
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