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  1. would you like to make a bet on that ? i'll take those odds. 7 to 10 million more votes for joe *i can't put a coherent sentence together* biden ? the man needs to have a live in care provider never mind run for president.
  2. so you were a virgin into your 30's or 40's and first only fapped to miley ? ewwww
  3. it is statements like these that should put all you na sayers to rest. after this you still have any doubt why this man gets paid the big bucks ? smh. as i said the other day the captain has and will continue to steer thailand to become the vision his government always wanted. now let's have more foreigners tell thailand how to run their own ship.
  4. reality is politics is a game rich people play to keep the pee on's busy while they get richer.
  5. you can disagree all you want. a full multi million dollar investigation put that to rest. its koch brothers by the way.
  6. quite rich coming from her. the reaction to the dem loss after last election was an eye opener to say the least. seems she still can't let it go. dems may want to muzzle clinton so that she doesn't ruin what tiny chance they have of winning. keep at it with the racist sexist homophobe xenophobe etc talk and see how the voting public reacts.....again.
  7. i was thinking more of japanese hammers and the odd nail that sticks out sort of thing......
  8. these stats are totally useless and boring now. why bother even reporting on them ? who cares ? nobody. who's going to do anything about it ? nobody. what's going to change ? nothing. over 95% of ALL thai should have their licence taken away. everyone knows that driving here is a clown show.
  9. no one is going to talk about his little nugget of gold that looks a little like the shape of thailand....except for the south a little it goes west and not east he is so proud holding it up in its amulet holder.
  10. do you have 9 year olds writing this ? good grief. had been dead for three hours prior to police discovering the body.
  11. it's obvious she just wanted to go home shower and get ready for bed. what's all the fuss about ?
  12. hell why not just use some plastic wrap and an elastic while you are at it.
  13. deny deny deny. then book the first reparation flight out of dodge.
  14. 14 years and she never really had it....that's why she picked me.
  15. since when do they allow aberdeen fans to bring their sheep with them to the game ?
  16. fingers crossed. the soil here is so contaminated.
  17. i didn't say it wouldn't. i am talking about the open air meat market that is walking street pattaya. try and keep up.
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