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  1. when you get hit by a cement truck head on what do you expect.
  2. you can stand by whatever you want. you don't play golf so you have no clue. maybe best you sit this one out seeing as you have a huge handicap.
  3. o snap that first white car got off so lucky a few feet to the side and that would of been horrific. it looks like it was enough of an impact to also help out the 2nd white car from being much harder hit.
  4. can you imagine the l$$k in the operators eyes when the jetski blew up. before they would ask for thousands for scratches and what not. cha ching !!
  5. i have considered but it is a non starter really. the entire world is going digital so why shouldn't money ? there are a few of the crypto companies who are working directly with legislators and law makers to pave the way. many countries are starting to pass legislation regarding crypto. heck even thailand did a year or so ago.
  6. had those backpacks been filled with ledgers 10 years ago your children would be multi milionaires if not billionaires by now. i'm sure that pales in comparison to what the few pounds of gold and silver have returned. but hey i am just peter pan what do i know.
  7. its not that. it shows you haven't spent any time looking at what crypto and blockchain really is. so while you and others basically make a joke about it you only expose your own lack of understanding and knowledge about the whole subject. defi is decentralized finance which is going to end banks as we know it. smart contracts are going to revolutionize how business deals are made. staking will be a way to get a yearly return on your coins just by simply holding onto them and putting them on the blockchain. some of the returns may shock you when you see what they are giving. look the general attitude on this thread so far has been to basically make fun of the whole asset class. keep this in mind. bitcoin in the last 10 years has given a 9million percent return on your investment. is there any other financial advice people on this thread want to offer up ?
  8. could you use that in a sentence please ?
  9. were you also on the spelling bee team at school ?
  10. was there no english writing at all on the package indicating what kind of light it was ? can you take a pic of the light box and post it on the thread here maybe ?
  11. dude you expect homepro to train and educate 437,000 employees at every store ?
  12. stop with these totally ill informed statements. the crypto market is so much more than ghost coins. smart contracts defi staking please look into those 3 concepts first as a starting point. sounds like your dear old auntie made bad financial choices. i am not here trying to convince you bitcoin wont go down again. all assets do that come on. however facts are facts and over the past 10 years bitcoin has been the #1 performing asset on this planet. period. heck bitcoin is even the best performing asset this year too
  13. that's chump change to all the thai visa millionaires.
  14. the imaginary gains i have made in the last few weeks are something my bank account has been holding quite nice. the world is changing my friend. crypto, bitcoin and blockchain are the future of finance and money. get on board or get left behind. yes gold will always have value but to think that the crypto market is simply imaginary coins is just totally ill informed and makes you look rather silly to be honest.
  15. please the returns on gold are nothing compared to what is happening in the crypto market right now.
  16. the gossip about you when you left would of been priceless to hear.
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