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  1. i'm sure a proper donation will ensure your son is overlooked.
  2. you went straight to the 33rd degree with that one.
  3. it's not them it's you. as another poster mentioned you whine quite a bit about things.
  4. black smoke pumping out the exhaust of your modified toyota hilux letting everyone know what an a**hole you are.
  5. mirrors on scooters are totally not cool and useless for anything. so off they come.
  6. megatron has opened a portal to another dimension. soon the drone army will flow through and invade earth. you need to forward this picture to the proper authorities right away. or maybe its just a reflection of light and the angle you took the picture ?
  7. ladies and gentleman this is your captain speaking....hahah no its not.
  8. i just heard that a 300mb anonymous donation was made on behalf of the thong lor police department to help with the effort. who says there are no good people anymore.
  9. and this statement is why things will not improve here for a long long time.
  10. most killers are generally nice guys i totally agree.
  11. wow i get to pay double for already criminal taxi rates ? call me woowed.
  12. pssst take a peek at comment #15 right before yours. i'll wait.
  13. cause i'm leaving on a jet plane....don't know when i'll be back again.
  14. please also provide a detailed list of the 19 people that will visit the islands.
  15. if prayut vows justice i for one believe him. now we will find out who the real *boss* is.
  16. track down some real cbd oil and take it before bed every night. not a solution by any means but it will help you in some areas. one possible help is that it may allow you to sleep for a longer period of time before you are woken up needing to go.
  17. as you can see by the reactions to your comment most people are not ready for real change on this planet.
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