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  1. Those ppl (people) on here in the opening post, and further comments, those and the ones in the follow up #2 retirees have said this. Complaining that they can't access their hard earned savings etc etc. So I was therefore under the assumption that this might be all they have, as otherwise why are they so concerned, frustrated and complaining about 400-800k THB if they have funds elsewhere? That was a reasonable logical assumption / interpretation on my part, or I would have thought. Yes of course I have, but not since my forties!
  2. Just a wild fleeting guess here @hottrader77 ....possibly English? Northern right? Didn't by any chance vote Brexit, yes!!!! And non too happy with those immigrants, correct? Ooh I know you so well. Read what you have written here then 5555.
  3. Now having read all the details in this post, sadly your friend has made all those mistakes that I wanted to warn him of. Some posters have responded with totally accurate and albeit frightening, true representations of how the appalling legal system works here. Our friends in uniform would have taken a nice drink on this, that is a Cert. As it's far too insignificant a case to warrant three years of court appearance. It is also true that the investigating Officer makes the final judgement call, before presenting it to the AGO for prosecution, just like the CPS in England
  4. I would say very unlikely, based on my two experiences here and two convictions. One fairly recently 3 years ago for a more serious act, an assault. I received a paltry fine well worth the crime 555 and a 3 month suspended sentence. No issues at all. But you have to know how to play this out and what pitfalls to avoid. PM me and I ll give you some advice. Good luck and don't stress !
  5. A slight nuance to the earlier post #1 teachers. Whilst I see that TVF and Rooster are doing so in good faith and with compassion, to try and make those of us who might be living under a large rock,(therefore unaware) of these scenarios. But pressuring the current administration and Immigration, not a good move.Ref Richard Barrow and the TM30 climb down. Just my opinion.I've lived here a long while and the writing has been on the wall for a large part of the last 10 years, the letters growing larger year after year. But some people choose to ignore this. I feel, as do many Expats we are no
  6. Much as I thought a pile of tripe. You couldn't put a constructive retort together. What has religion to do with the politics or immigration requirement? - when dealing with non Thais being allowed into their country from other states where the pandemic is rampant. Buddhism is about tolerance not incompetence, surely. I m an atheist so no idea!! Thailand isn't a "perfect country" but I m happy with my choice as a second home and to remain here, seems so to might those " Stranded".
  7. @bkktodd. No I hate golf!! Did you type this response from a Witherspoons in Halifax? What a totally unthought through comment. Enjoying the "Exploitation" of cheap eats and fun. Deary, deary me. Lol. So why me and not you? Because I didn't leave here, was that a rhetorical question you posed?
  8. @sunsetT Well if you need me to explain this you are either so naively and incredulously ill -informed, or so stupid to be unable to grasp anything that I , or for that matter the ten's of the other TVF members have tried to put over. I ll try again. It's all about planning, and taking note of the various warnings that were well documented at that time. Not "rantings" as you say. But there was official information given out by Embassies and Airlines. I had friends cancel trips in mid March because they weren't stupid, winging it or total chances. But properly committed, retiree
  9. @Letseng I m not on a "high horse" just stating the facts. If someone has put all their financial eggs in one basket with no means to withdraw those funds via an ATM or other such means, when outside of Thailand. I see my statement regards no forethought and planning are correct. Try argue that point?
  10. @bangkokbarry Fair point Barry, and no I wasn't trying to be any financial whizz kid. Rear view mirror predictions are an easy call. The $€£ vs THB were at an all time highs in the early part of 2000s (TomYam Kung 1997 aside) - when non of those events you state were being run out. ie Bangkok burning, the Airports blockaded etc. they came later in the decade, if my memory serves me well. Sterling was artificially high $2.20 as too were many Western currencies until Lehmann Bros. What I was trying to get over is that many many of us thought that those days would go on forever
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