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  1. it appears the response to this and covid are about the same as it functions from the same orifice.guess what....nothings gonna change except covid will overwhelm the hospitals here especially if they insist on housing patients with no or small symptoms in hospital.home is the answer and the local authority needs to monitor them if they are a pos test but that needs brain power and organisation and ive never been a place so poorly qualified outside of africa.its that bad -they do not have the mental, state and organisational resources to deal with this.its just not there.the ability to think
  2. the response.....its appalling.no other country is this bad with a few exceptions,libya chad a few places with serious problems,rwanda has a higher rate of jabs!its there starring everyone in the face,no testing as has always been the case and very few cases to test for so far until this break out,no stations to free test at.why not?no vaccs period.this is a non response.govt needs to withdraw as not only are they mindlessly incompetent theyre dangerous to the general population at large ,the jabs given have gone where,some hospital workers but we saw one of the slime balls picking the western
  3. the whole f the govt lock em up,most writers here said this madness will only cause more deaths,knowingly and willingly spreading the virus by allowing millions to travel from red areas to the provinces at songkran.congrats half wits and now its double down town...
  4. whats the real no.enough of the lies.people dying after being mashed not on the scene but days or weeks later arnt counted.why?this perpetual need to lie what it all about?at the same time we have the withering lunacy of covid deaths.miniscule in comparison to this self inflicted cretinism.
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