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  1. im in the same boat WA tiger my ums dying i must go,how do iretrun in 6 weeks time,its retarded this system.ive property too,
  2. im in a different situation i must leave to see my dying only relative,my mother,i can go now thats a relief but i live here have all the necessary visas and stuff.own property but getting back,this is insane.i will leave very soon be gone a mnth about i guess but hard to say exactly.i must see my mother i have to.but these dumb buffoons wrapped up in red tape corruption and self importance.surely if you have property a legal visa IE rtd why do this?other countries should just shut thai passport holders out,do the same as thai govt does do us basically,i see the uk banned them i can see why.ive friends in ph and they can leave and return as locals do if they fullfill equal criteria ie property wife etc,im not married but it shouldnt make any difference.i have come to the end with this place,i will sell up when i can after the emergency passes and i m gone,thank god my kids not half thai
  3. covid and hk has now opened the eyes of many at long last to what the PRC is.its taken a long time but the emporer has no clothes. we can actually see what he is.so im sure the next step is threats trade being slashed and and and the bully having a tantrum basically,next step NO WAR,easy to tame this bully dont buy any thing from the PRC ,dead as a dodo and the party on its last legs.yes please go ahead with showing the world exactly what you are and moving factories and production out even quicker.bye bye hua wei,the generals maybe need to think again
  4. i lived in hk many yrs ,this was the plan from day one.any agreement the chinese make isnt worth the paper its written on,ask the business community and thats obvious with the sino brit declaration.any int treaty,so too with the Hagues UN ruling on S china sea.what a shame 200 yrs of success flushed in a few yrs.im sure the generals are taking notes and have been handed the blue prints down from high command
  5. its delusional as per usual.thais are not not able to fly to uk and other destinations why?as these destinations dont ask thai people to do this type of thing,its called recipricocity,mutual respect and before you say ahh we have little covid,yes little testing.testing is what we are all told is the proof of the pudding!no michelin stars im afraid.the economy here is going thru the floor,manufacturing and tourism are its most important components.it will maybe never recover but so long as the military budgets filled and the dead mans watches are bountiful its business as usual, for the peons,know you place get back in the woodpile,the rich get richer and the poor get the picture.this is the start of the end.we are heading into the wilderness in a few yrs a model society.modelled on china as they ll own it and the generals too.
  6. so long as the animals are slaughtered in an efficient and humane manner and the food served is done so in a hygenic manner as with other meats theres no problem.who are we to say you can eat a pig cow goat etc but not a dog.dogs have been food animals here as long as cows so.......if you dont like the culture stay in PC land
  7. thailand has many good points a lot of bad too.the arrogant racist incompetence of the authorities seem to be the point most people make and its a good one.people have lived here yrs and have no rights no respect from govt,our own self righteous govts/embassies need to drag themselves away from their cocktail parties and self congratulatory culture and deal with this.hypocrisy is a sickening culture and theyre mired in it.i for one wish to move on but am trapped by the virus,i wish to sell my assets here ,namely an apt and that will take a while as the covids screwed the mkt.but i just want out.it aint the only game in town once coronas left.
  8. they need to pump money into the econ at a grass roots level ,the 5000b a mnth stipend was a good way of doing it.cut a military budget that serves no purpose and give it to the needy.theres plenty of money out there,we all know who has it.this will only get worse and will only threaten the feudal metrics if the lords let them continue to eat cake.they will shoot themselves in the foot but theyre arrogant and totally incompetent see the travel bubbles,many regional countries dont have a problem get on with it.clusters are always going to occur its a fact of life.test and trak but ohhh no.
  9. several countries in the region qualify,get on with it.japan s korea vietnam hk etc but not china.why- it lies.tourism and travel wont catch with these crazy rules either.100k insurance only an island to travel in,groups ahhh social distancing ha ha etc.its almost childlike.the economy must expand its the worse prognosis in asia.high up there in the world.tourism and manufacturing a deadly double so......manu demand they cant help its external but eu is opening and usa to some degree but tourism at a regional level must start or it goes to the wall.theres several countries there,here they dont test.why?its obvious why.you wont find cases if u dont look.theres not a massive no of them but they are here ,clusters exist everywhere even in aus china japan s korea so.......tracking and....testing will cure that.so we wait till foreigners come in then increase tests then bingo we have a scapegoat.more control. the govts side stepped a no of issues and stays in the driving seat,the rich get richer and the poor get the picture.same old story but when will the masses choke on this swill?they are obedient and gullible thats for sure.
  10. its the slaves on the trawlers and the in the factories which is a big concern and that needs sanctions.monkeys enjoy climbing trees but the training methods are what must be looked into,we see young elephants battered with iron hooks in the elephant shows and performances ,some are treated well others poorly hence a need for legislation and enforcement
  11. its important we wear masks and wash hands but then get on with life.this is a cover for extending the power of the non elected govt,the super rich and the entitled classes,the unwashed and the foreigners will be blamed the usual suspects.its real easy to read their book.its all about the power and money,theres no real testing here so we may see that kick in too if the govt needs the stats to back up the emergency powers.the econ is hammered,tourism/manufacturing are disappearing down the chute,this makes up the biggest part of the economy in terms of sectors,this is a doomsday scenario.tourists wont come back in the nos that were here neither will manufacturing .in both cases theres many other better options for many reasons.regional tourism and business trips can go ahead in august.with minimal disruption,the insurance ask is not on.tests can be given on arrival at minimal cost.the kits are cheap.1000B head.visitors must use masks and respect hand washing protocols.people with visas should be allowed to use them.if your here on one you should be allowed in and out.
  12. this area is not near to any int tourist spot so its come from a local infection not foreigners.i hope it can be dealt with and we can move on quickly.spain has had a hard time
  13. 100k usd ins?but they say we are checked before we get on the plane,we need a cert and then again on entry.theres no covid in thailand they say so.....?its not making any sense.the only other country with weird entry requirements such as these is cambodia and no ones going there,uk just put them on the red list,this is why in my opinion,its bizarre
  14. agghh those experts WHO knows what nonsense theyll be spouting next!they did tell us masks wernt needed then changed the story.its a respiratory disease so its common sense to wear a mask.but as weve seen so far experts and sense very rarely meet in the middle. ask the thai that formed all these regs for people to return to meet their families or who have the correct docs or the genius of dr ferguson in uk along with the NHS who sent thousands of infected patients back to OAP homes with out testing them.resulting in the deaths of thousands. well if it was me id be charged with negligent homicide but the NHS we just clap.
  15. when i 1st looked at this i was surprised as theres little covid here according to the figs BUT several things spring to mind-the figs ,they dont trust them,theres almost no testing done here,some things about the figs just dont add up,to test privately is a bizarre 6000b plus.theres no recipricocity.thats a major issue and the thai entry docs are mind numbingly absurd.then theres the PRC scam.a chinese could ride into uk on transit although passport entry should be able to pick that out but.......UK nationals should be able to breeze thru and the thais have all the hoops to jump thru then we could b as daft and racist as they are.oh what a wonderful world we live in and it looks like the virus is waving goodbye anyway.we dont have golden goose strangling down to the fine art of bkk but we sure are good at screwing our own folks over.i guess thats the art of PC
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