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  1. thais must have a neg test before they fly ,what so difficult with that.all the time in thailand you see this inability to thiink in any normal fashion,of course if untested people fly with tested people some untested people will have the virus and spread it to ones that dont have it,for gods sake,ive got t shirts with higher IQs than these 1/2 wits but no one in the media mentions this to anutin or the generalissimo so they are stupid too,its stupid stupid land and of course no one in countrys tested hardly duuuuur
  2. oh fantastic,words of wisdom from both mahathir and erdogan,i agree with their sentiments whole heartedly.turkeys genocide of armenian and assyrian christians and christians generally during ww1 is still modern history so great lets kill all the turks and muslims that were part of the ottoman empire .these 2 guys are brilliant or does it just apply to us.no that cant be the case surely that would be racist and these 2 guys are such balanced and intelligent people.
  3. its really very simple,what is they dont uderstand?allow people in.the Q is now 10 days a good move.the insurance scam needs to go and allow people in according to whether or not they have the virus not some racial admission policy,so if you test negative thats great u r neg so where u come from and what colour u r is not the important factor.is that too difficult a concept to grasp??put more flights on hotels and airports are empty,internal flights have gone well and serve a s a dry run
  4. theres a vaccine available in china.sinovac,60 bucks a shot,it will be sent here and other pro china places,its safe,astra/ox vaccine will be sent to limited london hospitals in the following weeks,so your wrong about that.its not a rant and most people have no problem reading it.humble you most certainly are not.arrogant and very poorly informed ,ill leave it at that,al jazeera may help you get info re vaccine news, guardian too
  5. i went to movies a few weeks back,i didnt stand only about 25% did ,the poor girl is weak and defenceless. i doubt the woman would have done the same to me as i can defend myself.outrageous attack on a kid the sieg heil mentality is really at home with a large no of thais i guess centuries of obedience and non thinking create this mindset and culture
  6. the uk has a high %age of older people as its a successful western democracy and the method of counting the victims,anyone whos died in the last 28 days that tested pos for the virus is a covid death.very strange.the cause of death could be of many things.the figs can be padded to fit the agenda using this methodology.
  7. how very christian of them.jesus supported the weak the downtrodden the poor the people on the edges.it wasnt just for the rich and connected,the sufferings of the early christians clearly showed that.shame on them hypocrisy in spades
  8. in these times of economic hardship its Deleted rat time in the sewer
  9. theres plenty of people who wish to come but quarantine must be less and cheaper .long term visa is a good idea.the insurance scam must be looked into, a racist scam it most certainly is and something needs doing about it,other countries dont do this to tourists and thais arnt treated so.the hoops and hurdles are lessened and a season of sorts can be salvaged.good for everyone.airport needs to open fully and tests on arrival ....free
  10. guys a fool.economically this policy will mean the end of the world we live in and it certainly wont be normal unless u r very rich so 2 yrs from now the majority of people still unemployed a world economy thats died.good luck with that.major civil unrest and anarchy on the streets .vaccine is coming out in the next few weeks innoculate over 65s health workers and thats about it,the rest they can jab as it comes on line but thats the bottom line,that will not stop it dead either but we have to grow up and live with it whilst it does disipate.authorities the world over have shown extraordinary
  11. we are told thailand has no virus so why would thailand get it when other countries are in great need?astrazenica have an agreement to make it here but i think theyre reconsidering that move.....given the fact of who theyre doing business with would make that unlikely.our embassies should give their citizens and tax payers the vaccine as their staff im sure will get it,do something well and serve your citizens just for once but dont hold your breath on that one.im a uk taxpayer and i would expect to get it if the embassy uk staff get it
  12. they are caught and hopefully cant wai out of it.all 3 must have equal and serious jail time
  13. she was on a flight with people who were infected.ie thais who dont need testing whilst we do,so strange this massive loophole is always somehow overlooked paris bkk is a long flight so.....the other option is she caught it here or the test is faulty but if u test pos a 2nd tect is suposed to be given right away .is it?we know how things work here,ie loading flights with possible positives!
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