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  1. Can any of you point me to a Thailand radio network that broadcasts in English? There are muzak channels with the occasional bit of English and there used to be an 8am tv programme (extremely dull & full of propaganda) but that’s gone. Thanks.
  2. I’ve rather enjoyed my quarantine (which is just coming to an end). It’s been very peaceful, the food good and the hotel staff and nurses cheery and kind. I count myself fortunate to be able to be back to see my condo and loved ones and think the process for getting back and the system at the airport worked very well. Despite many years of visiting here I see myself as a guest even though it’s my home for much of the year. As for the plan to attract high spenders back to Thailand - good luck with that one! However, the govt. must be pretty desperate to help the economy in som
  3. Reading through the previous 9 pages of comments I get the impression (and I may be wrong) that not everyone thinks the latest tourist initiative will be a success.
  4. Is this your first extension? For subsequent extensions: 800,000 for 2 months before, 3 months after and 400,000 rest of the year
  5. Have any of you fellow condo owners in Thailand bothered to convert your blue tabien baan to a yellow one (specifically for farang) and are there any benefits in so doing? I’ve had my condo for 9 years but haven’t ever been asked to show the book. (Moderators please move this if not appropriate here).
  6. Peter Denis, I uploaded my Thai bank account statement, as I was asked by RTE, London. (non imm-O with valid retirement extension and re-entry permit). I just took a screenshot from the bank balance showing in the app, together with transactions over the preceding 3 months. The embassy was fine with this. It was the only point in the entire journey back that I had to show any financial information.
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