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  1. The TM30 is a basic thai form I’m sure, but are there any supporting documents that the agent needs to bring? Is the TM30 an online thing, that does not require a big show at immigration? The agents here, both thai and foreign, seem to be hostile towards being bothered with this.
  2. Ok let me ask you this: Can property agents, aka not the owners, do the TM30? Im renting 3rd party. And once done, I can report and pay whatever fine?
  3. TM 30 was not done, I can guarantee it. Does that mean that the property owner MUST do a TM30 for me, otherwise I can’t do the 90 day report? Or can I just report without the TM30 and pay the fine? What’s the fine? Im renting from Russians and they seem to be able to do whatever they want, so I don’t wanna push if it’s unnecessary.
  4. Couple of questions: 1) I got my first 1 year extension of stay based on marriage and im coming up on the first 90 day report. Im not entirely sure which date on the passport stamp is my "start" date. Can anyone clarify? 2) After I got my 1 year extension, I left the province where I live and went on holiday to Phuket, then Krabi for a month, and im still there now. Im thinking about staying for another month, but that would put me past the 90 day reporting date (I think)... I did not do any reporting when I left my home province and arrived here, so what does that mea
  5. Those only have 3 forward gears, and I said 5 forward gears.
  6. If it’s got 5 forward gears and a clutch, big bike. Everything else is a motorbike.
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