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  1. Id even invite that dude to PM me any evidence whatsoever he has that the proud boys and "MAGA Types" are the 'infiltrators'
  2. And black people kill more white people every year both in sheer numbers AND percentage of population, but that doesn't fit the narrative either.
  3. It happens this way (Black on white) more than it does the other way around. Its a statistical fact.
  4. Maybe, maybe not. Police are unfortunately given alot of latitude and cover for such behavior and alot depends on the state.
  5. There is zero indication whatsoever that skin color had anything to do with that Floyds death or that it was racial in any way. Remember, cops kill more white people than black people. Doesn't make it about race, but it does speak to the militarization of the police force on the population they are supposed to protect and serve.
  6. Except the only evidence we have right now is the left-wing rioters social media orchestration, not any 'right-wing thugs' at all, and any politician saying otherwise is being a typical politician and sowing even further discord and race-baiting, further flaming an already volatile situation.
  7. Fortunately as per normal Republican dogma - it is unlikely that the jackboots will be from the federal level unless specifically asked for by local state governments.
  8. Too bad we aren't allowed to post things like that. Sure thats Trumps fault too.
  9. So we should allow the rioting and looting and burning of cars for a while, then write laws in congress to try and address the problem?
  10. Historically speaking, massive riots and looting as typically led to Republican wins in politics. So in that sense I guess its a good thing.
  11. I know quite a few Uni Teachers in Bangkok that make quite nice expat salaries with benefits, but you wont hear about them on ThaiVisa.
  12. Not sure I follow - Does rioting and looting and burning down buildings write laws in the USA?
  13. LOL Trumps fault, always and forever. Shhhhh dont talk about the decades of failed Democrat policy that led up to this moment, which is all taking place in Democrat strongholds and being orchestrated by communist and anarchist left-wing groups that Democrats largely ignored and refused to speak out against.... But But But Trump
  14. Thats kind of like saying that the arab community is the only thing that can fix extremism, which I agree with sort-of. Something has to be done to stimulate ecumenic growth and responsibility in impoverished communities, otherwise it'll always be drugs, crime, and prison.
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