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  1. One point about extending all tourist visas to the same date mentioned as April 30 then May 30 etc, would be an exit strategy...the whole tourist population would then either need to leave or visit immigration on the same day once the amnesty is over...surely they mean extend the current date of expiry by 30 days for each tourist??
  2. Regarding the tourist category for proposed automatic extensions...my 60 day tourist visa was due to expire April 3 but I went in to extend it for 30 days on March 25... Does the March 26 date refer to the date the extension was applied for or the date the visa was going to expire? Will be gutted if I miss this for being a damn pro-active early-bird...hehe
  3. The virus is already in the community...allowing a few more infected in is only pissing in the river anyway...it's all about image and saving face now...As other posters have pointed out containing individual cases and tracking contacts is only relevant before the virus is in general circulation...
  4. Some of this hotel closure stuff seems to be to allow staff to be laid off and be able to claim unemployment benefits. Makes sense as big hotels want to pass on the costs of 'unnecessary' staff due to occupancy rates back to the government. I'm guessing/ hoping family owned and run hotels will be more likely to stay open than corporate hotels as they live in the hotel anyway etc. My hotel is run by a guy at the desk and a lady that cleans the room who are related to the owner...
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