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    Face mask

    I wear a mask. I am falang or foreigner. But I also see Thai people not wearing masks. So stop pointing fingers and do as asked by the government. You are in Thailand. So act on it.
  2. Downside of globalisation. Money talkes. Civilisation gone. Correct our mistakes. Take responsibility and bring home national companies with their production. And companies like 3M should have independent headoffices on every continent in return of the permission to supply the market. Let the EU go to work end protect their markets. Don't let China and USA dominate the markets again in crisis like this.
  3. Thailand is much worse than the official n7mbers show. But socoughing ope and USA. No testing for people with less high temperatures staying at home to get well. But in Thailand for now 25% of the cases are imported. A man from Kuwait with certificate travelling to Bangkok by plain and train tot the South, coughing heavily and dropped dead. How many people in the train and plain? A Brittisch man with his Thai wife coming home. And so on. So it makes sense to close all borders. We don't want another Europe here. And please for your, my and everyone's sake stay home, don't travel, wash hands and cough / sneeze in your elbow. Stay safe.
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