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  1. What about letting all people in with a valid O visa. Those who have apartments, money in the bank, those who spend money on golf courses, in restaurants, need taxis and tuktuks, go shopping, etc. OA and OX can come in but O is still ignores, refused, etc.
  2. The loophole are the visa agents putting 800.000 in a bank account for.1 day. Ask and pay bank for letter and go for visa. Agents paid a very high fee and poor retiree happy . And Thailand office the visa fee. Three people happy. Except the persons who are outside Thailand now and see their visa validation run out. FRAUDE? MISLEADING?
  3. Then let us hope that besides the O-A and O-X visa holders also the O-retirement visa holders issued by consulates/immigration are granted entry into Thailand to check upon their properties, bank accounts and so on. Because the way I see it this difference is discrimination.
  4. Crazy requirements. A lot of people have insurance already in their home country including travel insurance. Incoming tourists have to spend money big time before even entering.the country. And even more to be allowed to travel around. Who wants this?
  5. Why buy property in a country when the government shuts the owners out. I own 2 apartments, have sufficient money in the bank and a O visa. And still not allowed to enter Thailand. So don't buy now. Sell your property. Because this country doesn't respect their investors. They just want to make money on foreigners and leave them hanging afterwards.
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