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  1. Quarreling about a logo. Why still bottled water? How long will it take for these companies to start building waste water plants and drinking water systems to get drinking.water from the taps at home.
  2. All. Whole of Thailand when you come from abroad. Only Thai people who live in Thailand can travel into Thailand. Quarantine 14 days on own expense with Covid check.
  3. Are you sure with all that air pollution due to burning down fields.
  4. Donate to a poor family. They will ask there neighbours/ friends to help. Easy. Maybe some money for fuel.
  5. A letter of Residence is a.paper in Thai which says where you live. Immigration already knows when you report for 90 days stamp. Same address.
  6. Condo gym is allowed in Hua Hin. No use of electrical like aircon, treadmill, etc. Safe distance to apply. Probably 1 person at the time. But condo gym is not public, exclusive set of people.
  7. Not knowing. No means to get info. Every country makes his own announcements, has its own restrictions. Please make a mandatory worldwide health certificate for border crossing travel in plane, train, bus, car or whatever means of transport. Exemption for daily bordercross workers. Let people go in and out with this certificate. Maybe with a 14 day self-isolation. Keeps out the weekend trip travellers. And most important travel insurance to cover covid and repatriation. Wearing mask all the time during travelling. And this worldwide. WHO should arrange this. Have a nice trip.
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