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  1. The website of the Royal Thai Embassy in your country will have more information. STV special tourist visa. COE certificate of entry. 16day/15 night mandatory quarantine in ASQ alternative state quarantine.
  2. Prepare for COE. Each person has to apply. First phase. Passport photo page, original Visa page (sticker), extended visa ( re-entry or multiple entry), health insurance stating cover Covid up to $100.000. Second phase ticket and ASQ booking and payment. Before within 72 hours of arrival in Bangkok fit to fly and neg Covid TR-PCR test. Also prepare health certificate from Airline and T8 form. Good luck.
  3. Can buy condo on company name. Share company 51 Thai, 49 Farang.
  4. Thai people who return don't need negative Covid test. They infect others in plane.
  5. I have just returned on same visa. My visa still valid. You need re-entry permit from immigration. Unless you have multiple entry.
  6. Yes I've just returned from The Netherlands on Non O retirement. Now my last day of quarantine.
  7. Thought so already. With Visa the same. But hotels have to comply to 6 rules. What are these rules and where can I read more about it? Main concern for ASQ guests is food temperature. Meals should be served with HACCP in mind. Please add this to you 6 rules.
  8. I think you are at least a half year ahead of Thailand. Dream on. With a vaccination you don't get sick very bad from Covid. But you still can get infected and transmit the disease. Quarantine and emergency decree will stay untill all people in Thailand are inoculated and protests are finished. Maybe for another 2-4 years.
  9. During quarantine the Costa app is used to fill in your body temperature twice a day. After finishing you can take down the app or change the settings. Thai Chana is just an app to warn you in case you have been close to someone with Covid.
  10. With a 15 nights /16 day quarantine. And a mandatory negative Covid 19 test in home country. What in earth is the risk? Turn hotels in Bangkok into quarantine accommodations. Open up those Phuket ALQ hotels. And after quarantine let people travel freely. Problem solved. Numbers of tourists are limited due to quarantine. Not all tourist can stay for a long time. Have Thai people tested before entering. Because in SQ are the most infections found.
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