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  1. Ridiculous plan. I don't want to pay for the people who travel uninsured. I pay for myself. So Thailand gets the benefits and I have to pay for lowlifes. How nice is that next to the dual price system in national parks, etc? Not very tourist friendly.
  2. Usefruct. Buy in her name, you have right to use in till your death. In Europe a quiet normal arrangement with children.
  3. Buy a condo in your own name. Or buy by on company, 49% yours, 51% your wife's.
  4. No as far as I know only Thai persons or Thai companies. Thai companies can be owned for 49% by foreigners.
  5. Prices of vaccines. Curious how much the private hospitals will charge falang for vaccine. ."
  6. As far as I know pools are still open. In the last publication of restriction they didn't mention pools. So. Enjoy the "cold" water 24°C.
  7. Starting a business means you have to register it. Thai business means 51% Thai ownership, 49% foreign ownership. To get a work permit you need at least to pay social security for 4 persons even if you don't employ 4 people. But more importantly is if they grant you a work permit. Martial art is not a kind of business where Thailand depends on foreigners. So maybe they refuse it. I don't know anything about martial arts. I do know gyms in general are quite expensive compared to my home country in Europe. So price wise there are possibilities to be successful. In Hua Hin are already several m
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