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  1. Starting a business means you have to register it. Thai business means 51% Thai ownership, 49% foreign ownership. To get a work permit you need at least to pay social security for 4 persons even if you don't employ 4 people. But more importantly is if they grant you a work permit. Martial art is not a kind of business where Thailand depends on foreigners. So maybe they refuse it. I don't know anything about martial arts. I do know gyms in general are quite expensive compared to my home country in Europe.  So price wise there are possibilities to be successful.  In Hua Hin are already several martial art schools. I don't know if they have a waiting list. For now not I guess not. What I do miss in Hua Hin are groups sessions of Zumba, aqaurobics, Pilates,  etc. Keep in mind the senior population.

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  2. I don't understand. More foreign teachers. For teaching a foreign language I understand. But for normal school lessons maybe a upgrade of the teachers education is necessary. And maybe to change the difference in school. The King's schools are only for the fortunate few who have supporting friends and enough money. Shouldn't these schools be about excellence? Attract the best teachers and take on strait A students with scholarships. And on all schools a strict program for all children giving each child the opportunity to the same development. Why? Because children are the future. They support their children to get a better life and they keep their parents until the government provides enough support to feed themselves. 

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  3. 12 hours ago, Natai Beach said:

    For a bit of perspective the UK, France, Spain, Turkey and Italy which have similar populations to Thailand ALL had more infections and more deaths just yesterday and everyday single day for the last month,  than Thailand has had total ALL year. 




    I don't need perspective. I know. I have spend lockdown in Thailand early this year. And quarantine in Bangkok in November. But the infection numbers rise and they don't have it under control, yet. They let people travel for New Year. Different than last time. Let's hope for the best.

  4. Yes an effective lockdown starting very early in Covid pandemic threats. Province boundaries closed and checked. Country borders closed. Flight to Thailand cancelled. Even valid visa holders not welcome. And fear, fear and fear. It is easy to frighten the superstitious Thai people. And moreover the Thai people's attitude helps a lot in following the rules set by army and just wait for better times. But the economy is a total disaster. People have no jobs or less working days meaning no or less money. No food, bo roof. But people are still healthy in a country where health services to ordinary people is set to a minimum. Vaccination will com but vaccines are not ordered yet.

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