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  1. And struggle with the air pollution of burning fields, cars, motorbikes, industry, etc. 

    Go swimming. Open up the pools of condominiums, hotels, resorts, etc to the general public. Teach the less privileged children and their moms and dads to swim.  Invest time, share resources and make the world a better place.

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  2. Clean engines should be mandatory.  Technology already up and running in Europe and U.S.

    Emmission check for vehicles once a year.

    Teach children to ride bicycle to school.

    A adequate public transport system in cities. 

    Paid parking in city centres.

    Raise tax on cars, gasoline and maintenance.

    Promote electric motorbikes. In Tibet mandatory. 

    Promote electric cars.

    At the same time check factories, burning crops, etc etc.

    Enforce the law big time.


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  3. 2 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    You will be applying for a one year extension of stay (it is not a visa) based upon retirement.

    To prove you income you will need proof of having 12 months of transfers from abroad. You will need a 12  month bank statement showing the transfers came from abroad. If not showing they came abroad you will need credit advises to prove they came from abroad. You need a letter from the bank confirming your account that should be done the day you apply or no older than the day before.

    You will need a completed TM7 from with a 4 X 6 cm photo attached.

    Copies of your passport photo page, visa, current extension stamp, most recent entry stamp and TM6 departure card.

    Map to your residence from the nearest main road or intersection.

    A copy of your most recent 90 day report.

    You can make an appointment to do the extension that will same you some time.

    Link for site:

    And for re-entry TM8, photo.

    And maybe  embassy visa support letter for prove of income in home country and bank statements of home country showing deposit of monthly income.

  4. What comes to mind here is how safe is your money? When do you get the money from the government? As soon a you deposit your THB 50 per month? Or at the end when you retire? When at the end how sure is this? Can next governments change the rules? Is your money still there? Read the small print. And 2.4 million. It is a joke. The rest of Thailand is so poor st this moment they need their money for food.

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