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  1. That should have been done last week before people started to travel for Songkran
  2. I read that korat is also requiring quarantine or a quick test that the person has to pay for
  3. In kabin buri there are 2 main roads 33 and 304 they only set up on 304 north bound in front of the police station so it's easy to get around it
  4. They need to cancel Songkran and limit travel but the idiots in charge want people to travel and spend money
  5. My wife's granddaughter and her husband was involved in a accident I took him to the police station later that night it was probably 4 hours after the accident and they gave him a breath test seemed to me to be a little late
  6. I don't carry my passport if I'm asked for id I've got my driver's license
  7. I'm confident that the govt will not do anything until after Songkran because they want people to travel and spend money then after it's spread shut everything down again instead of canceling Songkran and limiting travel
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