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  1. There is a farmer down the road from me bought a cane harvester after he cuts the cane a couple of more people come in and rake and bale the leaves this is sold to power companies for biofuel. They have been using rice combines for a while the waste is bailed and sold I just bought some 40 bhat a bail. There are machines but for many they can't afford them but if the government was interested in actually doing something instead of buying submarines and aircraft carriers they could
  2. So if a person is a convicted pedophile in one country then it's ok to move to the US
  3. MARTA in Atlanta is 2.50 to ride from the airport to the north side or you can change trains and go east or west same ticket
  4. The military government just needs to get it's priorities straight what's more important people or submarines
  5. But there are no guarantees that the money would actually go to health care and not another submarine or gold watch remember who and what is supposedly running this country
  6. Obama care caused my insurance to go up I wish when the Republicans had control of the house and senate they would have done away with it not just the mandate
  7. Trump wanted to vet the immigrants the only group he wanted to keep out were Muslims. Apply for a visa get checked out then come in same as we do here one difference in the US the spouse of a citizen can get a green card good for 10 years no 90-day check in no large amount of money tied up in a bank that you can't use
  8. Congress isn't divided now democrats run the house and kamila is the tie breaker in the senate
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