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  1. 5 hours ago, worgeordie said:

    They always cut the corners,always the shortest way around,

    to lazy to turn the driving wheel.many a time nearly had the same

    thing happen,she will be saying I am not paying,it was the dogs fault !

    regards Worgeordie

    correct i see it everyday especially in small soi out to main road in house estate or vice versa example cutting into the path of turning left or right lane 

  2. poorly organised - was at chaengwattana first and when door was opened after brief check of passport was given a map showing indication of which entrance or building to proceed to at impact muangthong thani and was told to take a taxi to there as extensions for 30 days are process at the new location - was a good of money on the first journey to the main office. at the new location we was kept shuffling around ......... all in all very poorly organised and as bangkokpost has an article on 90 days reporting go read that article and go figure and scratch your head as to how this could still possibly happened in the age of super fast internet and apps making everything easier 

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