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  1. @JackThompson Hi, would you know if is this visa type https://www.immigration.go.th/content/service_24 being handled at Muang Thong Thani?
  2. I am also wondering the same thing : 1. Are there printing services at Muang Thong Thani office? 2. how long is the queue? 3. What is the ideal time to go? @ubonjoe can you guide us?
  3. @ubonjoe gotcha. Thank You. BTW is it worth contacting an immigration lawyer at this point? can they help in any way that someone not a lawyer may not know of?
  4. 100% agreed. Prepping docs now. Finding house registration seems harder than embassy letter. Secondly how will I show I visiting her when she lives with me outside TH and traveled to TH with me @andy72 @ubonjoe @jackdd
  5. @andy72 that might work for me. JK i plan to fly out April 16th though as soon as flights open and not stay 90 days over. I will visit the new K-Counter tomorrow hopefully if I get the letter from the not so efficient embassy. I read somewhere in this forum the new K-counter is not for visa extensions?
  6. @ubonjoe thanks, I'll take that with me tomorrow, only thing is we didn't get married in TH 1. would a marriage certificate from US stand valid for them? 2. Is there some office link on TH immigration website that explains this visa for visiting wife? what is it called?
  7. @ubonjoe Thanks for the info, the immigration lawyers who are marketing their services e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Cob8N2o3-w How can they help? Will hiring them change anything? they wont go to get the embassy letter or stand in bangkok immigration office for 6 hours for me I am assuming, so what are they good for?
  8. @jackdd Thank you for your response. Flight to IN are canceled till April 15th so flying out is impossible. My wife is a Thai national. No, I didn't just marry her on overstay :). Married for 5 years now but Thai immigration doesn't care obviously. I'm still a tourist on paper and they wanted me out when I met them 10 days ago. My other question was if overstay = money, what if I don't go at all and just pay the fine 30 days from now when I leave, I'd think that's ok but then why was a german busted for 5 day overstay? https://thethaiger.com/hot-news/expats/german-busted-for-5-day-overstay-in-pattaya
  9. @ubonjoe Thank you for your response. May I please bring the focus back to the 2 questions 1. What is due to some small technicality, they don't approve the extension, what will they do to an overstayer? 2. Should I not go and just continue overstaying and pay the fine later?
  10. @jackdd it all depends on where your passport is from. What I am telling you about 7 day extension and embassy letter is not my opinion, these are instructions from Immigration Officer at CW who I met 10 days ago
  11. @ubonjoe I appreciate the response. The goal is not to stay over 90 days or even for 90 days . I am on Day 2 of overstay. The goal is to let this C-19 phase pass by and get out of this horribly managed immigration nation
  12. I do need it apparently, where I am from they only allow 7 day extension without the letter. I did go 10 days ago at CW and they said for more than 7 day extension I need an embassy letter
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