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  1. after re-reading all the post maybe I understood. Around early next week they will probably renew the extension with Affidavit. I cannot go the 28 th I can only go the 29th I really hope it isstill valid (if they do not renewagain the extension possibilities)
  2. Thank you UbonJoe, but I do not get the meaning of "when the order for them ends unless it is extended again. " What this means? (in my situation extension expire Feb 15th) That if I renew by the 29th I can stilll have 60 days from the 15th or later I will have less or what happen? Sorry, can you specify? Thank you so much for your kindness Siddharta
  3. Hello everybody, I am here in 60 days Covid Extension after having had a Medical Visa. My Covid extension expire on February 15. Can I renew the extension at Mueng Thon Thani for the second time? I appreciate if someone can help me. Thank you so much! Siddharta
  4. Hello everybody, I have to take test for COVID-19, ( One of the two (PCR) or (LAMP) test). This has to be done max 72 hours before the flight to go back home. Anybody know where to take the test? NOT EXPENSIVE, NOT FARANG PRICES. Thank you so much for your time and help. I hope you can help me. Thank you again Siddharta
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