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  1. Yes and it's wildly popular. I've counted over a million brits here so far! Of course I"ve not taken my medication for a while.
  2. As I've pointed out many times, it's sheer lunacy here. You have to be dropped on your head to go for a "vacation" to Thailand. It's more than just what you have to go through to travel. I'm not blaming Thailand for travel restrictions either - it is what it is. But to give out these numbers, these guys are purely nuts.
  3. Thailand was last in line ordering vaccines. Well close to last, and that's how it will roll out. Sorry, I misquoted your comment but you get the gist. There will be many delays - that will be certain. And pie in the sky numbers will fly out and never materialize. Now I do hope that I"m wrong and it all works out well!
  4. I can no longer read after reading thai news - what happened to the childish cartoon characters and bullet headings for my mushy brain?
  5. I wish I worked for the TAT. We would just get really drunk and think of the most ridiculous headline all day in a meeting, then release it at the end of the day. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
  6. Most likely borders will not open until most are vaccinated. Now this can easily change, remember that the understanding of the pandemic is changing day by day. There are indications that it may be reduced. The ball dropper is Thailand hardly even tried to get vaccines when this all started happening. They are way back in the line now. 2022? For sure. But that can easily change to earlier if they can figure this out.
  7. English language good language and speak good. We satisfy language requirements nicely. Touque billows howlin dogs so the expreshion goes.
  8. Yes, and I didn't miss the train, I was just too cautious to get into it. I can remember when it was 200 bucks or so. Look at it now. Imagine investing 100k into it! IT's down around 17 percent right now - who knows if it will continue downwards or go up.
  9. Oh wow if your idea of having a good time is to go to Sri Lanka and stay away from all locals, maybe just sit there and stare at the ocean by yourself well have fun with that. Japan - it's hard to get back into the country once you've left. Koreans - no, Chinese, nope. Just nonsense from desperate third world countries to appease their citizens. If anyone cares to revisit this in 2 months I"m happy to. I've been stating this from the beginning of the pandemic. Total nonsense.
  10. More fodder for desperate people. I was just reading an article on South Korea and how they won't start vaccinating until mid summer. Do they realize that a majority of the population should have 2 inoculations 1 month apart. The whole population doesn't get inoculated in one day. And to say that Chinese are going to come in is purely preposterous. They will never, I repeat never allow their economy to shut down because of this virus and say that people can go. Never. These people are clowns.
  11. Immediate but rare side effects, such as expats blathering about how they will never get the shot because the RNA intertwines with their DNA, bla bla bla....
  12. The HORROR! I have no earthly idea where people get the idea that living a life free in the wild is somehow a good thing. They are only thinking of getting food and not starving to death every day. Then there is the other side of the coin, zoos, where they are so bored they probably wish they were dead. What do I know? Opinions right?
  13. Monkeys are the most filthy vile disease-ridden creatures on the planet. They tear each other to shreds, and starve the weak. The monkeys that are kept for this kind of work have a great life and have it easy. Honestly, drive by one of those temples and just look at those things.
  14. Oh yeah, millions of tourists coming in during a pandemic. Tens of millions. Just look at the numbers. I am ready for an asia fix. It will be Vietnam. Despite it's drawbacks and not as safe a destination I'm looking forward to the food there. The home made french baguettes... Hue food. Woo hoo!
  15. The only thing that I am filled with is regret - I remember when bit coin was around 200 bucks thinking I'd never invest in that. To be honest, with Musk getting on board the chances of it failing have fallen dramatically. Gold is no longer invested in, bitcoin is. Will it last? Big rewards, big risks. Hats off to people who got rich off it. Be sure that you are rich and not rich in a value that can turn worthless in a heartbeat.
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