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  1. We are at 70 percent vaccination here and there is no herd immunity yet.
  2. Mother of god I've been writing this for ages. They still haven't figured out... who is going to give these shots! If they get ten million doses a month immediately it will take them a year to get herd immunity. 2022, the latter half, is looking very much in doubt right now too. What in the living devil is wrong with these people? It's two doses now with the variants not one. Not one!
  3. Who on earth is going to go to Thailand for a holiday when the health care system is crumbling. These guys are absolutely nuts.
  4. I think that Thailand needs to wrap their heads around what needs to take place: 10 million doses every month needs to flood in. If they start now they will be ready to open in a year from now. They are still not ready to administer these doses either.
  5. The headline states that it's doses not vials coming in. That's all taken into account.
  6. Childish headline. If you wanted to make a dent in this, you would need ten million doses every month. At that rate you would get immunity in 12 months. Math is hard.
  7. It doesn't really matter if the virus is getting out of control in the country that you are "vacationing" to. Thailand has some serious serious problems right now with this virus and egg is all over their faces and it is truly unfortunate. The government gambled that it would just burn out but that didn't happen. This is an entirely different animal. Can you imagine? Coming for a vacation and they are getting people to sleep on cardboard beds in field hospitals? I mean who can make this **** up?
  8. If you are upset about the high bhat, look no further than the USA who put thailand on the currency manipulation watchlist. That was keeping the bhat low not high. You can call whoever is in charge there and complain if you want to.
  9. Many of these news stories about tourism rebounding are to pander to the blissfully ignorant, or to pad what the reality is. It's not really meant for westerners but for Thais. They know there will be no rebound. I know it. Dogs know it. There will be no, I repeat no mass tourism or tourism period from international sources until there is widespread vaccines not only available but in the arms of the general public. That is a tremendous undertaking - be absolutely certain of it - logistically which Thailand hasn't even figured out yet. These silly news blurbs about three millio
  10. I'll tell you the truth. Not only does your vaccine delivery suck, or you can speak the truth because of your face, but all the G7 members will be sending billions of vaccines out. To third world countries, that doesn't include Thailand. There's your dose of truth today.
  11. It's actually mind boggling. It's mind boggling because Thailand just drags its feet and doesn't truly understand the scope of this. Let's talk about vaccinating 60 million people. That's a minimum 120 million extra needles, and how many health care workers to administer it? They don't have the health care workers. You're going to see much more of this in the coming months. There will be no tourism in Thailand in any meaningful way until its population has an immunization.
  12. No. Freaking. Kidding. There will be no tourism in 2021, and 2022 the latter half of the "high season". The vaccine rate in Thailand is nothing short of pathetic. It is improving which is good, but it took them long enough to figure out that they need vaccines to exit the lockdowns. How can you have tourism when you're worried about your health care system collapsing? Geez! Who buys this garbage?
  13. And I need to apologize - I called the "Delta" variant the India variant which was wrong. The india variant is 60 percent more transmissible. Astra-zenica is around 60 percent effective in handling an infection from covid. The infection that you do get will be more like a cold rather than a potentially life threatening condition. It is spreading here, and worryingly among a group who was fully vaccinated. They are fine, rest assured, but it's very worrying nonetheless. One shot of AZ is only 30 percent effective against the Indian variant. Let's call it the Indian vari
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