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  1. Look what it says - the economy is not projected to bounce back till the third quarter 2022. Yes, that's when travel may get back to normal. What's the date right now? We have only just begun. 2021 could easily be a complete write-off too.
  2. As I've and many others have been stating for this entire pandemic. If you think that China is going to allow people to shut down their economy so they can go to some Wat and then have a tai-tai on a beach you must have been dropped on your head.
  3. I wonder if these people get brain rot from all the sugar in their food. Wellness spa? Who came up with that one? It's childish, silly. But I digress, it seems most people there are interested in only taking selfies of themselves and not living life.
  4. Flood them in buddy! Just open that door right up! Let's get this party started. Put your money where your mouth is little buddy!
  5. C'mon Thailand! Just do it! It's ok. Don't think, just open er up. Let's see what happens, LOL!
  6. Nice rain coats. What's the current temperature and humidity in Bangkok?
  7. Then do it, LOL! do it buddy! I know how it will go but if you want it then do it. It's like buying a twinkie. It feels good when you eat it but afterwards you feel like Guy Ferelli.
  8. from 39 million to 39. Maybe they will get a few thousand tourists for the rest of this year. That is brutal.
  9. I'm not always right, but I'm fairly certain this guy doesn't know what he's talking about at the best of times, let alone now.
  10. Maybe it was that disgusting animal Guy Fieri. Has he died of his heart attack yet? He's around 40 and prime age considering the **** that he eats.
  11. The problem is food taste is very personal. Thai food is great but I don't find it the best - and even the best gets tiring after a while. Humans are meant to eat many different things as we easily get tired of the same thing. That's why pasta - a really good and authentic italian dish - tastes good after six months. I wouldn't want to eat that every day though - you would look like those new 70 odd tourists coming in, waistline and all.
  12. Have fun in quarantine! You're on a plane with what 70 strangers? Chances are fairly high some of you are going to get it.
  13. Best case scenario is it's just picking up one year from now, that's 365 days. And I and many aren't so sure that will happen.
  14. Your deaths aside, and have nothing to do with the point, there is a logical solution. Where I live permanent residents and residents who own real estate can certainly come back to our country as long as they self isolate for 14 days on their dime. Tourism is completely banned, as it is in Thailand and many other countries. When you already have a valid visa and they won't let you in, and they let others ahead of you who promise to buy a condo that is disgusting. And everyone knows it. That is why Thai Visa, expats all over the globe are scratching their heads wondering what'
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