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  1. We don't want tourists in my home country either. Does that make me a racist? No, we don't want to be like Italy or the USA. A gong show. Let your imaginations go wild, kids. Think the worst, hope for the worst, see where it gets you.
  2. Very true. It's shocking to see some of these opinions being barfed out from people with no medical training, and in some cases, no common sense at all. We would all be dead if we listened to these people, and not just from COVID.
  3. As expected, don't look at 2020 for tourism. Look at 2021, and even then the chances of tourism in 2021 are fairly poor at this point. Things can change quickly though and its way too far to put out predictions but if it's like this in 2021 it will be a repeat year.
  4. There are people far more qualified to try to work out a solution that we will ever be. Of course there are countless examples of people who hope for the worst and offer no solutions that end up being just what they deserve - probably janitors, floor sweepers, or other mundane careers.
  5. Yes, I read what you said carefully and my apologies for making it seem like I was taking a dig at you. There is no answer, it's a brutal situation. Everyone is suffering earth wide. To the other poster, I have no interest in answering anyone who calls a pandemic a plandemic (sic). It surprises me that Thailand allows you to even write such outrageous garbage on this forum without being deleted.
  6. I know, <deleted> is wrong with people? I get all kinds asking me for links to news stories, information that is widely available and even widely reported here on Thai Forum. www.google.com
  7. I've got a friend who is stuck in Australia too, work requires him to move to Europe. He cannot leave. Thankfully the company is allowing him to work remotely. The amount of angry pathetic disinformation here is truly staggering.
  8. You may not know the answer because there isn't any answer that will satisfy you. This isn't Thailands fault, this is the entire planet under a pandemic. Thailand, do fling the doors open and see what happens. Nothing will happen; nobody will come other than infectious expats, permanent residents, and our poor souls stranded away from their families over seas. No tourism. There is no tourism. Not here, not in europe, not in north america, south america, nowhere. It's over, fini. And I will bet you every penny you have no Chinese tourists will come because China would never, in a million years, allow their tourists to come back into the country. Our world is too dependent on tourism and this is the unfortunate result. The planes are parked and staff have been let go permanently, meaning they will not be coming back.
  9. So dogs that help with adults (and trained to do so) are ok, monkeys who are trained and fed with a job aren't. This sounds like a double standard doesn't it? Yet you can ride an elephant that gets beaten and trained in a horrible manner because it's cute.
  10. Seems a little low to me but I don't know the ins and outs. Tourism planet wide won't run until there is a vaccine, a treatment plan, or we let it run it's course. I hope it becomes less virulent and we can just let it go.
  11. All homosexuals deserve to be married and be just as miserable as the rest of us.
  12. I see unlike many here you're using your noodle. There are a lot of people here who probably read prison planet .com. You can see their irrational posts, and picture them at 3am writing with red eyes in the dark, the A/C on, slamming their keyboard... The airlines have not only laid off staff world wide, they have done so permanently. The airlines anticipate at least 1 - 2 years before things get back to normal. At least. That's why they have been let go permanently. They are not coming back. This is not a temporary thing. 1-2 years is not temporary. Until there is a vaccine there will be no tourism to Thailand, full stop. Besides, residents like you will get first crack to come back. I will write that it's nice to see that the plandemic people have finally left into the bowels of the internet. They are swirling somewhere feeding off their fears, anger, and hostility barfing out obscure figures, blaming the governments, people, the 1 percent. Screaming about chinese tourists, crying, no answers to anything, just pointing out problems. The internet is a great place for them.
  13. You are attempting to argue with delusion. You're going to lose, and the delusion will win. There is no point with these people. Count down, one will chirp "... but there's plenty of flights out"... even though there isn't and there's still thousands of Thais stranded too. Heat and desperation is one hell of a thing.
  14. As I've said earlier but nobody paid attention. There are about 20 people here that whip the nonsense into a froth that you can't see the truth. I've never seen such nonsense being posted here ad nauseam. Of course they won't post anymore here because they've been clearly shown to be wrong. This entire thread is nothing but garbage except the beginning and the end.
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