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  1. I bought last year and my budget was also 800k. I drove a borrowed honda jazz the length of the country, initially I loved it, but as I got further from bangkok the less I liked it, as there were some roads that were just too bumpy for small car suspension. I was at first planning to offer to buy it from the family member who owned it, but I changed my mine after a couple of days on the road. long story short, I got a hilux, and its much better for 800k you can get a hilux with roughly 20-30k miles on it, or a ranger, or even a navara or dmax, much cheaper if you dont need 4x4. this year you might be able to get the newer ranger, slightly used for 800k (it was 900k cheapest last year when I was looking) I am sure SUV like fortuner would also be nice, but they cost more.
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