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  1. So much for the anonymity that bitcoin adherents tout.
  2. Honestly, he's so far away from being the first to say such a thing. Searching the phrase "contrarian investing" will give insight to what I mean. While I could never prove it, I'll bet the OP is no older than 14 years of age.
  3. You are too funny. Problem is that some people bring their home country problems to Thailand and think they'll all disappear. Health and mostly financial problems combined with alcohol can easily cause a person to think there's no solution for them. Maybe this thread can serve as a warning for some younger members to not move to Thailand before they are very secure financially and mentally.
  4. Correct. On my May 25 I requested links for rules governing travel restrictions. I was not asking about road checks
  5. The banks are pretty much faultless when it comes to them screwing up something.
  6. Do you know for a fact that a legal document can't be drawn for a personal load guaranteed with proceeds from selling the property? Forget about the bank. I'm talking about a personal loan to be paid in the event the property is ever sold. Maybe a legal expert can chime in but in the meantime I believe you have the wrong idea.
  7. Why can he not simply loan her 1.3 million and the GF use the house as loan collateral? That way if she ever sells the house he'll have a claim against the house sale proceeds.
  8. Sorry mate, but I think if you research some past threads on immigration, you'll find if a person says anything in the least bit not complementary about the immigration dept. or the process, the poster will be attacked by a number of forum posters. It's just the TVF norm. Regarding the requested map, I wonder if they accept a printed out screen shot of the navigation by Google Map? Certainly that'd be more accurate than any had drawn map.
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