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  1. Maybe or probably arranged by the agent to benefit him/her, who did not want to be named or associated in any way. Why use an agent if one is of a Nationality, which has less than 100 applicants?
  2. Thai language Test.docx Here is one which should give a good idea. I have another more comprehensive list. If a person's Thai is fluent or nearly fluent my observation from years ago when I obtained PR is that the interviewers would not waste time unless the person spoke of something that interested an interviewer. As such a few questions and the person was out of the door, maybe as Smutcakes wrote. If a person's Thai is basic but sufficient to answer questions attached then the main problem may be that questions came quickly from all corners of the room an
  3. Yes depositing is simple and quick - about a minute. Much ado about nothing.
  4. Questions are basic (at least as of several years ago)- job, family, why you want PR, what donations you make, hobbies, etc. I have a typical list of questions from several years ago and most, if not all questions asked were from this list.
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