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  1. If you can speak almost fluent Thai then there is nothing to worry about on that score. There is requirement to be able to read or write (and this is not tested) unless it is has recently changed. I did not have show evidence of donating or charity things, but was asked at the interview what I did in this regard. As I had been donating to one temple in particular as well as a local charity for many years i just explained name of both and for first why. I did not submit any evidence of donations.
  2. ubonjoe is correct about the singing. When I did the interview several years ago it lasted 10-15 mins. The questions at the time (and maybe still are) are standard and easily available. I knew the questions before the interview; the only things that varied in my experience were (i) that 1 or 2 additional questions were asked for example if the answer was of interest and (ii) interview may be cut short if person is fluent in Thai. For me the most difficult aspect was that questions came from different people speaking in different accents and the questions were in random order. People who spoke fluent Thai were in and out in 5 minutes. There is plenty of time to brush up on Thai skils or learn from scratch before the OP would have an interview. (This assumes that after the Election applications can be made later in the year).
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