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  1. Let's see if they will be like how they do it in America. To use the article picture as an example.. Will they now make the price for everyone 20 baht? Or will it be "American style" where they raise the price for everyone.
  2. Okay so I am engaged to be married to a Thai so I'm not in one of those six categories but it is logical to assume that when I am able to travel to Thailand the same restrictions will be applied to me. Any ideas on answers to the following questions? 1. What is this insurance? Is this the same kind of COVID-19 insurance that my fiancee got for herself and her son when the pandemic started? It basically covers a large amount of money.. I dunno the whole thing was in Thai and I didn't really understand it.. and more important: 2. What exactly do they mean by getting a certificate that you "do not pose a risk" to others regarding COVID-19. It seems like this is absolutely impossible to tick this box unless you've already had COVID-19 and are immune to it, because there is no current vaccine available. It just seems kind of ridiculous there's caution and then there's implementing rules where it seems almost like it'd be simpler to just say you can't enter Thailand if you're a foreigner. Unless I'm mistaken my only hope for ever being able to travel to Thailand is if I've already had COVID-19 and have antibodies or something, and I am tested <72 hours before going to Thailand.
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