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  1. My fiance's car has been having some problems. It's a 2014 Toyota Altis, and she's been going to different mechanics who keep fixing the problem but then the problem reoccurs shortly after maybe 2-3 days after leaving the mechanic, then she went to another mechanic who said that mechanic was robbing her but this mechanic still could not fix the problem. Then she went to the "dealer" (I am assuming this is a Toyota dealer) and they could not fix the problem (which I think is absolutely insane for a dealer not to be able to fix a problem), and finally she found someone that seemed to really fix the problem..


    but now the check engine light came on again and someone told her she has to fix the exhaust or replace it or something..


    It all sounds to me like the old car mechanic scam where they prey on the unsuspecting layman that doesn't know anything about cars which is well known in the US. I'm sure these types of scams are everywhere.


    Toyotas are extremely reliable cars. I refuse to believe that a 2014 Toyota which is essentially a Corolla has this many problems, from an owner who has meticulously maintained the car through maintenance at the dealer, etc.


    I know the Altis is specific to Asia, they don't have it in the United States or in Europe (afaik) .. is the Altis known to have these kinds of problems?


    If not, does anyone know an honest reputable GOOD mechanic in the area of Ongkharak / Nakhon Nayok where she can trust that he won't rip her off? I'm at a loss since I live in the US, don't speak Thai and she doesn't really speak fluent English so my communication of what's going on is her sending me pictures and LINE messages that the mechanic sent her in Thai, which when you throw in the uselessness of Google Translate into the mix doesn't really help matters much.


    Thanks for any help you can give on either subject of the Toyota Altis and honest good mechanics in the area. She has already spent about like 30,000 baht on these problems. The car has actually been good for a month at least after the last repair.

  2. 14 hours ago, CorpusChristie said:

    Slight miss pronunciation , quickly corrected , quite funny really , no doubt the Anti Trumpers will make a big issue out of it 

    Yep. Pretty much. The "Anti-Trumpers" as you put it will jump on anything he does no matter how small.


    But to be honest this is 90% of politics everywhere. It's mostly just ppl bashing each other on stuff that doesn't matter at all and is unimportant.


    Update: Ok. To be fair Western politics. Specifically American. I'm not familiar with Thai politics or others that I'm unfamiliar with but definitely in American politics mud slinging is 90% of what happens.

  3. On 7/24/2020 at 10:57 AM, Tropicalevo said:

    For some time now, Thailand has been saying that covid specific insurance up to $100,000 is mandatory. I do not believe that has changed.

    For some time now, Thailand has also been saying that you need to provide certificate from a hospital stating that you cannot get COVID-19 which to me seems like the word no would be a lot more efficient at that point.


    I see that is lacking here. But in all honesty I'm seriously considering going the fiance visa route for my fiance because I don't see myself realistically being able to enter Thailand at all for the foreseeable future.


    And the more fake news my country (USA) puts out inflating the number of cases, saying that motorcycle crash victims died of COVID etc. the more likely it is I won't be able to any time soon. 😞

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  4. The thing that really makes this worse is that the political nonsense especially in the US, the fake news, is taken seriously by people outside the US and is likely a major driving factor.


    Just really <deleted> that corrupt politician's political agendas are making it so that I can't get married, and may actually ruin my relationship and basically like ruin my life, just because some <deleted> want to use this <deleted> to gain power. I'm specifically talking about the US here, so. Just to clarify.


    But thankfully there's hope because I pretty much think after the November election all this will likely blow over, at least in the US. and then maybe misinformation won't be keeping me from being able to get married.

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  5. Okay so I am engaged to be married to a Thai so I'm not in one of those six categories but it is logical to assume that when I am able to travel to Thailand the same restrictions will be applied to me. Any ideas on answers to the following questions?


    1. What is this insurance? Is this the same kind of COVID-19 insurance that my fiancee got for herself and her son when the pandemic started? It basically covers a large amount of money.. I dunno the whole thing was in Thai and I didn't really understand it..


    and more important:


    2. What exactly do they mean by getting a certificate that you "do not pose a risk" to others regarding COVID-19. It seems like this is absolutely impossible to tick this box unless you've already had COVID-19 and are immune to it, because there is no current vaccine available.


    It just seems kind of ridiculous there's caution and then there's implementing rules where it seems almost like it'd be simpler to just say you can't enter Thailand if you're a foreigner.


    Unless I'm mistaken my only hope for ever being able to travel to Thailand is if I've already had COVID-19 and have antibodies or something, and I am tested <72 hours before going to Thailand.

  6. Heh low risk areas like China and Korea. The places that originally had the worst infection rates, while US has been almost no infection whatsoever at least where I live. Many people here where I live did not wear masks at all until it was mandated last month? And I don't know of anyone being sick here. The only really bad infection rates seem to be out of NYC. I've heard also some other states but I haven't heard anything about where I live.


    From talking with my fiance and her telling me about cases in her town that she knows about and people talking about it. No one here talks about it at all. For me here other than the stay at home orders everything seems completely normal.


    I would literally bet everything I have that I could fly there, do everything I need to do whatever, come back and never be sick like at all. I would bet all my money, everything. Already been there twice in the middle of when it broke out and I'm fine. So frustrating.


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  7. It seems countries all around the world are starting to relax their COVID-19 restrictions and I'm wondering when we can travel again. I saw some things about Thailand opening up domestic travel and ending lockdowns at the end of the month.


    Flights on expedia for all of June have gotten super expensive and I first found out about it from my fiance's sister who said if I wanna go there in June I will have to pay a lot, and indeed flights are $2000 and up. but in July they are cheaper more normal price.


    I would like to book a date that is more realistic and of course I will book it with travel insurance so if I cannot go then I can easily get a refund or reschedule without paying extra..


    However, I can't seem to find any information at all on when I'll be able to travel there.

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  8. On 3/30/2020 at 9:00 AM, natway09 said:

    If she runs away by then she was not for .you anyway.

    This time should deepen your love for each other.

    That's easier said than done. When I wrote this one of the things I was worrying about was that we're both locked down and not able to do anything. Like everything here is shut down we both just stay home all day. Like what do you talk about when day in and day out you each don't do a damn thing worth talking about because both your countries are on lock down or you're self-isolating for safety purposes.


    Not really worried about that anymore but it is a major *cursing like crazy* because at our age, her age really, it's at the point where if I want to actually get her pregnant I need to act really fast, and it already takes a year to bring her to the states and that was already pushing it and now we have this thing that will last <deleted> knows how long.


    But there's no sense in complaining about it...


    To make matters worse, since this site is called ThaiVisa and is about all the foreigners or what not.. Thai Visa I dunno USA Visa? In my particular situation it's best to go for the spousal visa with her, which requires us to be married. I found out about RapidVisa (the company) and was going to use them to do all the paperwork and such, and I called and asked them for advice on what kind of things to keep while in Thailand and also asked specifics about whether I should do K1 visa or spousal visa. They just shut me down immediately with a pay wall not willing to even offer a word of guidance.


    Later on an immigration lawyer suggested to me that a spousal visa would be much better and have much less chance of being denied in my case. I could have married her in February instead of just becoming engaged and would have if I had known this, if RapidVisa would have simply answered questions that my lawyer who charges literally 10 times the fee they do, answered for free to a stranger over FB Messenger.


    Long story short I'd already be married to her and have started my spousal visa petition if I didn't waste my time with RapidVisa which is now on my list of top 2 most hated companies. My recommendation is avoid this company like the plague. Just FYI anyone here. Probably everyone here already knows it.

  9. Hi, I know that they decided to shut down BKK until April 30 and they declared an emergency situation in Thailand and also they issued something on March 22 or so saying that people from the USA who arrive in Thailand need to self-isolate for 14 days and report their health to the officers, etc. then I believe on the 26th they said no one will be allowed from high risk countries unless:


    1. They have a certificate from a public hospital stating they are "not at risk" for contracting COVID-19

    2. They have an insurance of at least 100,000 US$ (maybe baht?) that covers COVID-19 related hospital care IN Thailand.


    So the thing is I was planning on marrying my fiance and all this has us unable to marry, and thus unable to go forth with the spousal visa for the US.


    My questions are few:


    1. What exactly does "not at risk" mean in the #1 part of the restriction above? From what I know everyone is at risk and can actually contract the virus if they have not already had it. Does this mean you must be immune? Or does it mean you don't have it?

    2. Do you still have to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival?

    3. Anyone know when the high risk restriction thing is supposed to end? I know the emergency thing and lock down ends on April 30. but the other orders for the hospital certificate and self-isolation didn't have any end date. I don't mind self-isolating as I want to be 100% sure that I am not sick before going around my fiance or stepson. 


    My fiance has COVID-19 insurance for both her and her son and I could easily get it for me, it's pretty inexpensive. Also though, would travel insurance cover this? I am not planning to get the virus but if this thing doesn't end soon I see that flights are still able to be booked into Thailand on the airlines.


    If this goes on for much longer I may just go to the hospital and get all needed paperwork and self-isolate in Thailand. I just I dunno. This just really want to get married, and then start the visa paperwork.



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