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  1. Fairly serious situation, in terms of keeping Thailand's Covid response reputation intact, given the number of people she interacted with. I expect it will be well covered and be very interesting how quickly they can squash this outbreak, as clearly there will have been some transmissions.
  2. Most cannabis smokers don't become drug addicts, just like most beer drinkers don't become alcoholics. Cannabis induces a relaxing, pleasant feeling. Alcohol does too, but tends to more volatile. So even with non-alcoholics, intoxication can cause much more harm in disputes, violence and driving accidents. No comparison in societal harm. The experience of Portugal, Canada and recent US states that have legalized cannabis is overwhelmingly positive. Don't be afraid of recreational cannabis, though agree with ramr - ideally don't want the super strong stuff being choofed. Not necessary, an
  3. Fine policy in principle, however if Thailand decides to implement from the beginning of 2021, the tourism industry will continue to languish while the vaccine filters through to those not in the front line or considered vulnerable - about 90% of the international market.
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