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  1. Bearing in mind I didn't know he was a serial killer when I met him, I've just watched the first episode and have the following comments: 1. They certainly found an actor that looks like him. 2. The portrayal is somewhat simplistic as they are focusing on his twisted psyche. They haven't delved into his upbringing, feeling like an outsider growing up in France as an Asian mixed blood and his crimes before he started selling gems in Bangkok. I recall he stowed away on a ship when he was young, and was discovered in Aden and taken back to France. They do show him as somewhat ele
  2. Let's see if this turns out be the huge wave Thailand was "lucky" enough to avoid previously, or whether they can bring it under control in a reasonable time frame say 2 months. Which is my projection, why: 1. Govt is not so ineffectual as some portray as they have the contact tracing capabilities, strong quarantine processes and health volunteers to assist, particularly in the provinces. 2. Thai society (apart from HiSos, a distinct minority) are community conscious and will don the masks, social distance more effectively than the Europeans and most other countries. Be personally resp
  3. I've read Richard Neville's excellent book (Neville stayed with Sobhraj in prison to get the material) and more fictional The Serpentine, after staying with Sobhraj for two nights at his expense in Rawalpindi in 1976 before he drove on to Bombay and was subsequently arrested by Sergeant Gupta. Fascinating guy, who had already done most of his killings and was on the way back to India after visiting his Mum in France. He wanted to forge my carnet (passport for vehicle) as I still needed it theoretically for Pakistan but it was much more of a requirement for driving through India, where I'd j
  4. Agree been a slow roll out of the vaccine. Thailand is not alone in this regard. Until the vaccine program gathers momentum, believe the key is Back to Basics - social distancing, face masks, restrict indoor gatherings (clubs and bars) and protect the vulnerable. The Thais generally are good at this, just the HiSos got tired of it all. Bars, clubs closed, precautions back, contact tracing still possible with the numbers as nothing like Europe, and the health volunteers will help in the provinces. I'm hopeful and will be interesting to see which provinces sort it soonest. Expect Bangkok
  5. They've done very well up to now. Covid protection fatigue, more likely than long term lurking infections. Let's hope they can minimise this wave in the coming weeks.
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