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  1. Hi All, If my topic is in the wrong forum, my apologies. So here is my situation. I met my now wife about 3 years ago while I was working in Phuket. She was visiting here since who worked for me. Fast forward, after 5 years ago working in Thailand and not having dated any Thai girls prior to my Thai wife, I felt a connection and decided to take a chance and see where it will lead to. We quickly became close which was abit fast in hindsight but I was so smitten by her that I went with the flow. She is a single mom when I met her and I have no problems with it. After all, one can't just love her but must not include her daughter as well. The little girl is amazing and she calls me daddy and we have become very close. All was well for about a year and then we decided to have a baby. I have never had a child before. She got pregnant and suddenly she started pushing me about marriage. She told me she got married before because she got pregnant and I explained to her that I feel, we should not get married just because we are having a baby. I do understand that it is a sensative matter for Thai families. I had a discussion with the family and explained my opinion about marriage at this time. They listened and next thing I heard was some kind of dowry ( can't remember the Thai word) about Baht 700000. I then told them, I am willing to pay for the wedding if they insist and even buy gold as they requested but to ask an additional 700000 I felt was abit too much. The conversation ended when I said plain outright no. A month or so later, I come home from work and my wife now says we have to send to her family Baht 500000 today for the wedding. I was taken aback since no one discussed anything after our last conversation at her home town. And do bear in mind that I have at this time have also taken soul responsibility the daughter from her prevuous marriage since her ex could not afford to pay for anything and the innocent child was now living with us. I said no to demand for the money and explained to my wife that her ambushing me like this is wrong. She then got upset and left for her family home. I pleaded with her not to go but she left one morning when I was asleep. I felt rather devastated. While she was away, she would text me and say are we no longer a couple and that to send him a money every month instead since she is carrying my baby ( medical checkup and etc?). I told her what is she doing is wrong and that we should talk like adults. But no matter what I say, money money money was all I heard. After about a month, my company decided to transfer me out of Thailand. I informed her and told her that I really want her to come along with me. But I hit a brick wall and it was what's a no. All I heard from her was just send money. Anyway... I moved to the other country and out of the blue, she decided that she wanted to come. So I got her to get a passport and sponsored her trip to join me. All was well for the first 3 weeks and then she started complaining about the food...water...weather...practically everything. She then says she wants to go back. So despite me asking her to stay...she left the second time. Then not sure what happened, maybe it was because of her pregnancy but she started accusing me without any basis of screwing girls where I am and just plain out madness. I ignored it all and I told myself it's because of her pregnancy. But things just got bad. I would send her every month about Baht 45000 for her routine check up and for her and the daughter. But it was never enough. When I told her outright no I will no send more, she AGAIN says we are done. She then sent me a screen shot of text messages with some guys. What she forgot was she forgot to blur our the phone number on the whatsapp screen shot. I just saved it and contacted the guy. He was an Indian bloke. I asked him some quesrions and then he sends me all the conversations via screen shot and pictures she sent him. I told him...these are pictures from th past and that she is currently 7 months pregnant with my child. He just apologized. I send her all their conversations and asked her for an explanation. Her answer was, you are no one to me and that she can do whatever she wishes. She then blocked me from all mediums of communication. I sent word to her that I want to come for the delivery and she threatened to report to the police that I am herrasing her should I came to Thailand. I spoke to my family and they got worried and advised me to support her financially from where I am. So that is what I did. Fast forward, my son was born and I was no allowed to see him. I flew into Thailand once I heard he was born but she and the family would not allow me to see my son. For 10 days I stayed in a hotel at her province pleading but all she would message me is about money. She would message and say that if I don't send her money now...i might never see my son. My first child so I caved and would send 50000 or sometimes 100k a month....depending on what reasons she gave me. 7 months now have passed and I have not seen my new born son eventhough during this 7 months I flew into Thailand countless times and begged her to allow me to see my son but I failed each time to see him. I too made a mistake on the 8th month after my son was born, one night while out with some friends, I kissed a girl and a friend took a picture and sent it to me. I viewed it as a one off thing and felt very guilty thankful next day. As another month passed, my company informed me that they will be transferring me back to Thailand. I was delighted. I was looking forward to at least being in the same country try as my son. I moves back to Thailand a week later and contacted her but she flat out didnot care and only mentioned about money. About a month after I arrived, she contacted me and asked if I wanted to see my son. I said yes. She arrived with my son to my condo the next day. I was so happy to see him and not sure if it was innate but my son just naturally came to me when I put my hands out to him. It was the first time I held my son. That night, I showed her to the guest room and we called it a night. Early in the morning, I am wake up to slaps and punches from her. She saw the picture my friend sent and she was angry and just punching, kicking me, spitting at me, smashed my phone and ripped my shirts... I just allowed her to do what she wished. That very day, she beat me up blue black for 4 hours straight. She would kick my face when I bent down to pick my son. A few days passed and she apologized and I explained to her that I made a mistake and I am sorry. But ever since that day, she has been physically abusing me nearly everyday or when she drinks. Being a man, I never reacted to her physical and mental abuse. The last day of the month, she would flood me with me messages asking for money while I am at work and when I tell her my salary hasn't been transfered yet, she would call my work place if I didnot pick up her calls or reply to her messages. This went on every month which does include the near daily reminder and abuse for kissing the girl. Once I send the money, she would without saying go back to her hometown and come back a week before end of the month. My son will soon then 2 years old now and her beatings have not stopped. She uses my son to blackmail me. I contacted a lawyer to see how I can buy property and to put it under my son's name and that too she got upset. Her exact words were " Good to you want to keep everything for son but how about me, if we break up, I will have nothing. You want to buy condo because that you can put under your name but I want land and house". All she shows me are properties that cost Baht 7 million or more. I got so upset at one point, I told her, if there is anyone who will do it... Please go to that person since she is never happy or appreciative of anything I do for her. I know some will think I am fool or just on a self pity ride but I am truly afraid to lose my son. He is my world. I don't know how to remedy this problem. I feel as if I am trapped and feel extremely depressed. I have even been thinking of putting all my affairs in order and to make sure my boy will have all the security he needs via a trust and then end my journey. I feel trapped and I see now way out.
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