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  1. One extremely legit massage shop in Pattaya whose customers are definitely not the happy ending crowd (not that there's anything wrong with that) has elected not to open. Management felt that revenue would not cover expenses.
  2. So if I have Line and a data plan then there is no need for me download the ThaiChana app. Is that correct?
  3. Does using a Line code mean I am registered on the platform or is there something additional that I must download and install?
  4. One time in Jomtien, the IMO wanted the current balance to exactly match the letter balance so he sent me to bank branch to withdraw 100 baht as I had added 100 baht a couple hours before. So now, I usually deposit 100 baht, then instantly withdraw 100 baht so the bank book is updated but consistent with a letter that might have been generated using yesterday's balance.
  5. I'm thinking of buying next year if I can find a great deal and am in the process of trying to educate myself about buying condos. The information that's lacking is the actual sales price of units that were sold. It's difficult to determine the correlation between the asking price and the actual selling price. It's difficult to tell if the lowest asking price of comparable units is really priced to sell. OTOH if real estate agents have let's say 10 one bedrooms for rent in a large condo complex then the asking rent for the lowest priced rental is probably a pretty good indication of where the market is. Sure the view, floor, condition all will have impact on the rental price but the lowest priced unit is probably priced to rent. If there are many units available it probably doesn't make sense to ask for a much higher price than other similar rental units. Then one could apply a Gross Rent Multiplier. A gross rent multiplier of 10 would mean that an unit renting for 10K a month would be valued at 1.2 million baht. So I'm wondering if 10 is a reasonable gross rent multiplier? I'm also thinking that those buying multiple units as an investment would be very cautious buying in the current environment where many units won't be rented out. So probably the few buyers out there are people who just want to buy one unit to live in. I would also think that there won't be too many sellers at the bargain basement price that buyers are looking for but the few people who must sell will be foreigners so perhaps the price of foreign owned units and Thai owned units will converge somewhat. Perhaps the CM market is far different than the Pattaya market but I am staying on the sidelines for the time being thinking that if there is no high season this year that selling prices might fully adjust by February. It appears to me that rental prices are already adjusting. Anyway these are just ideas and putting this out there to find the flaws in my thinking.
  6. Krungsri was telling me that if I show them this years's refund then they might be able to do it for me. I had assumed they meant a check as I had never heard of this coupon. I had thought that a check would not really solve the problem but this coupon thing makes it sound much more promising. Problem is I have not received the coupon despite filing on Jan 3rd and a follow visit in February to clear up a very minor issue on my filing. I had been thinking the long delay might have been due to COVID-19 issues but it's been just too long now. So I guess I need another trip to the Revenue Office. I really don't want to change banks. Over the years, the people at my branch have tried to be very helpful, they know my face, etc. Thanks for the heads up about the coupon as this gives me confidence that if I can produce the coupon that it will solve my problem.
  7. If it was only the 1200 baht then I would not. But if they can assure that there will be no tax withholding by showing them a printout from the Revenue Office then I think I might do so. What my branch of Krungsri wants is a tax iD card that I don't have, never received although could have been sent to me, and the Revenue Office won't give me. Not for lack of trying as I have probably been to my branch a dozen times and the Revenue Office a few times to sort this out. The bank even took me to the Revenue Office, it was me, a bank officer, and a driver which really surprised and impressed me. The Revenue Office people told the bank officer my valid Tax ID number but said they don't issue cards anymore. I thought this would certainly solve the problem. My branch then noted this to head office and the head office still said they must continue the withholding.
  8. Prior to May 2019, withholding (maybe just foreigners not sure) only started after you earned 20,000 baht in interest. To get around that when interest rates were higher, the lady at Krungsri advised me to open a 2nd account so neither account earned more than 20K a year in interest. Note this is not tax avoidance as I believe if you earn less than 150K you are in the 0% tax bracket but it saved me the hassle of filling out a tax return and waiting for a refund. But now as of May 2019, the withholding of tax applies to all amounts. Perhaps you aren't noticing the deductions? Every month I see an entry coded IN for interest and TX for the tax withholding. Or perhaps your tax ID number is already in their system somehow? At an interest rate of 1.1% the 15% tax on a balance withholding of one million baht comes out to 1650 baht so not the end of the world if I never get my tax refund which I haven't yet received even though I filed on January 3rd? Has anyone received their tax refund already and if so was it electronic which I was told not possible or by receiving a mailed check or by going to the Revenue Office to pick up a check?
  9. I have what's commonly referred to as a retirement visa, a one year extension of stay that expires around October 15th. Using the 800K in bank method, my understanding is that I must have 800K baht in the bank during the period starting 3 months before renewal of my extension of stay until 3 months after the extension of stay. Otherwise the account can't dip below 400K baht. I am considering shifting the bulk of my money in Thailand from a Krungsri Mee Tai Dai account (1.1% interest but surprisingly 1.3% if the account has less than 100K baht) to a SCB Jad Tem account (1.5% interest). These accounts seem similar to me in that they both offer a relatively high rate of interest, but limited to just 2 free withdrawals a month. So I guess the best way to do this is to open the account with around 400K baht and then a few days later move another 400K baht into the new account. Then that way I will always have had at least 400K in an account. This seems straightforward enough but just want to make sure that I'm not missing something. Am I? Also a couple questions for those who have a Jad Tem account: https://www.scb.co.th/en/personal-banking/deposits/savings-account/jad-tem-account.html Has Jad Tem been around for awhile and always offering a relatively high rate? With my Mee Tai Dai account the interest rate has fluctuated depending on the BOT monetary policy but has always been quite good. I assume it's the same with the Jad Tem account. I don't want to go through the hassle of opening an account to find that in a few months they are only offering 0.5% interest. Have anyone bee able to stop SCB from withholding 15% tax on the interest in their Jad Tem account by providing your Tax ID number but not a Tax ID card? Krungsri is insisting on a card and the Revenue Office claims that they are not issuing cards anymore. The Revenue Office has given me a printout with my Tax ID but this does seem to satisfy the Krungsri head office. Anyone know of a better alternative than the Jad Tem account to satisfy Immigration?
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