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  1. It shoud sure be for some, but for who ? Everybody ? come one, are you this one ? This seems to be a kind of proven generalization. And as all the cases of proven generalization, it can not be intelligent mind production. It can be considered much as a limitation proof from yourself. Open news papers and see that there is a big deep trouble right now in Thailand (already before COVID business opportunity) and in so many other countries. Look also that some countries doesn't care much about COVID and doesn't spread fear with that... now look "all" of this one with there own position due to world corruption level classification. Just conclude what you are able to understand (if not to much complicate to your side).
  2. I know many countries where nobody should have it. They all have one thing common particular: they do not test much (and also low level about anything in relation with instruction). Near Thailand, the world championship for this category is Lao. Do you think they are really far to be COVID infected ? Supermen's land maybe ? Can we seriously stop believing all the time in things that are impossible or very unlikely ? To believe all the time in merchants of ingenious dreams and in sellers of ties?
  3. because they didn't find any more stupid people to paid expensive price to be in gold jail.
  4. "So far, three studies based on mRNA, DNA and plant-based vaccine have entered the Phase 1 and 2 of clinical trials. It is difficult to conduct human trials domestically because Thailand does not have enough Covid-19 patients." If they do test more, they will have much more COVID patients, for sure. But anyway, the problem is that this virus doesn't kill enough to make world in trouble so much. The business is falling down and the money paid for lobbyist will never be enough, what ever it is. Plan with COVID opportunity is dead baby.
  5. This government has already many problems with everybody include their own citizen right now (and also internationally under the zoom control observation) but doesn't stop to spread zero level social justice and fear, and to their own point of view (very small), we still are "tourists" for them (all of us, expatriate or not, tourists or not, business men or not, family linked or not... all "tourists" to them and 14 days quarantine for first price around 3000 € and a Thai assurance you will never be able to speak with in case of problem, to, maybe, be able to come, no one would be able to imagine something like this for an international flue with a huge background business story time with a "low protection for 2 month" vaccine to come like a blackmail to come with). All of us, we are in trouble because of some of them (a minority with full power) and no one would be able to forget this, even if we would like to forget, it is still going to far and we are loosing our social life without any consideration. unacceptable.
  6. you can reduce nothing. Seems that you can not stop corruption to. All is around auctions with vaccine and pharmaceutic industries, interest conflict. All is a huge fake propaganda story, because actually, this virus doesn't kill more than car accident on roads or any other virus. In my country, they (government and pseudo designed by government experts) also lie a lot (we have the proof of there interest conflict to be paid by Gilead company) and 300 doctors (including some recognized to be the best around the world) sign a petition to teach that this is a big lie, a big corruption problem probably due to the situation of the propagandists spread fear, and that COVID virus does already mutate more than 25 times and is very low power to kill. Also, in my country, no one die from anything but COVID-19 only ! Actually, when we compare to people death last year and in 2018, the number of people dead is pretty close to the same. Stop to be one of them to be under mind control by a huge corrupted origin propaganda. COVID-19 will be for sure in the human story in this century the virus of the corruption spread factor, the virus of the fear and the lie. A big shame to come very soon, because it is no more possible to practice as if people are so miss-informed and stupid.
  7. Please, stop to make yourself more in trouble with this stupid comedy. Just open for everybody, there is no much problem with COVID than a season flue from month already. Everybody understand what this propaganda of fear is about and why. Close to everybody right now clearly understand your big business story, it serve nothing to lie more...
  8. yes, sure, the virus kill between 0.1 and 2% of the infected population. He should kill already thousand, but no one know anything there in Thailand. We also have a propaganda problem with this season flu virus COVID who doesn't kill so much but they use it for spread fear and cover something other in the world. Their first biggest problem actually in Thailand is not the COVID...
  9. Robust nothing at all. You do not test enough to talk about that. Open the gate, recognize foreigner who never failed with the law and give democracy to your population if you want to do something good. It is boring from long time now, we want to see our family.
  10. simple: everywhere they do test a lot it is "a mess". everywhere they don't test to much, it is not "a mess". Just because: "no test, no COVID-19 infected found". If you failed to understand this, so... what can we talk about ? nothing. Also, compared to any other pandemic, this one is so little killer that we can start to thinking: "what's happen really in the world in the background ?".
  11. if you scare to be sick with everything in the life who kill 1% of infected population, you will get vaccinated everyday all the month along and will wait for many other to come.. or maybe stay at home, close your door, your windows, stop breath and wait to die alone. It is crazy, COVID is not so dangerous for many, many, many people (99%). There is so many other virus and infections who are much more dangerous ! It does smell stupidity and big business corruption there, can't you see that ?
  12. good, i don't want it in my blood... i hope so there will have no blackmail business.
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