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  1. I am very interested in solar. Worked on solar panels many years ago. Love to learn more. When can we meet to talk?
  2. I agree. Government is being too cautious to open up in Thailand. The country banned foreign entry till the end of June. Inside Thailand , corona virus infection is almost down to zero. The negative effects from restrictions are outweighing benefits by a big margin. Open up fully, sooner the better
  3. Education and work ethics are issues for foreign companies wanting to set up shots in Thailands. Thais have poor universities and therefore are not producing enough qualified engineers. Thais are not as hard working or driven as east asians. Regarding government paper works, we all have seen immigration offices as foreigners. Not very efficient. All considered, Thailand offers good lifestyle and low cost living. For a lot more international companies wanting to move here, a lot of things need to improve. Thailand is making good progress in infrastructure, bringing god freeways and high speed rail. More need to be done in education, reducing government paperworks and liberating immigration policies
  4. Thailand had better to loosen up July 1. Vietnam is open on that day for foreign tourists. if Thailand does not do the same, people will start going to vietnam. It is already safe now. Your chance is getting corona virus is less than traffic accident. Dying from corona virus is less than winning a lottery.
  5. I did not see July 1 as the fully open date in any major news outlet. is this for real? Vietnam is fully open on July 1. Thailand needs to hurry up to stay competitive in the internal travel arena.
  6. Pattaya has to let all businesses to open before tourists are back. If there is no fun, why go to Pattaya.
  7. I have training centers for kids ranging from 3 to 12 years old, teaching them English mostly. It is sort of similar to kindergarten. These centers are profitable. I am interested in setting up kids centers if I can find similar minded partners who are familiar with the Thai markets.
  8. This sounds like a great idea. I like to get together with you to explore further if you have time. Where do you live now?
  9. This sounds right. Thailand seems like a tough place to make money unless you have money.
  10. I studied in the UK for 3 years before. Have fond memory of England. Like to hear more of your story over a beer. I also have a hard driven Chinese wife:) I will send you a message to link. Cheers
  11. Very good advice for the stock market. Buy low and sell high. Value investing: buy at a price below value and sell at a price that is exceeding intrinsic value. But for real business, there is a holding cost. If you have negative cash flow, you have to pump money into the business when the prospect is bad. That is more painful. At the same time, you have to deal with everyone when most are at pain and fearful. There are the problem I have buying into real business at bad times. I am a stock investor and have no problem buying when the market is in peril. But in real life biz, that is tougher and I am more fearful
  12. very good advice. Let me gather some thoughts. I have real experience running cram school/English, math training centers in China, where is transfer to Thailand except I don't speak Thai or have a Thai wife. Is that something I really love to do: I am not sure about that. Is that a money making business: yes. I have high tech and electronics experience from process engineering all the way up to VP senior management. Never made any money starting a high tech/electronics biz though. I want to work because I still have a lot of energy physically and mentally. I do not want to be confined to a home as that will make me feel miserable. I will add you and chat more if that is OK with you. Warm regards
  13. I think you are right. Online business model is more superior. Maybe we can start a platform selling Thai farm products to oversea buyers. thanks.
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