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  1. When i was married whit Filipina i not even entrance in coundry where tourist herd entrance! I go where citizen going same really short and fast line!
  2. I like to travel whit own rented van! Today evening i coming (whit 8 lady's) from Loei to Bangkok. I pay 1800 bth/ day + petrol. Driver + van. Bus never stop so i don't like! Whit van can stop when want ,get beer as much want etc.
  3. When i have cross there has been really fast. Even last time my Laos visa cost much more what should ! And yeah i "trade" fake marlboro lol
  4. If story is true what make her idiot? I have sign up many peoples package so i have to be idiot also. Hmm.. maybe i am but not coz sign up! Only idiot don't know hes idiot!
  5. So you think it's ok that Trump hide hes tax record!? Fact is he's companys pay tax's other coundry's but not in US! Hes bokkeeper's work can't see "daylight" . He's make big loose's is the reason don't need pay tax in US, but in China hes make only loose's also and still pay tax there! So he "round" tax's only in hes own coundry!
  6. Yeah im not condom manufacturer LOL. Actualy been "allergic" for those .... Have many times thinking that i rent truck and drive like fruits in south(not drive myself). Bangkok all cost 3 or over times more than here in north Isaan. Then bring back sea food from south.
  7. All cruise ship's are "parking" empty after they finaly get passenger's out! And they really are not park in Thailand cost line! And that kind ship not really move if "Tim" and "Tom" want go Thailand!
  8. Good she dosent need fake "play" to want sex whit other woman! I never fancy about woman's after menopause anyway. Even it leading to 3some !
  9. All snakes in thailand. https://www.thainationalparks.com/list-of-snakes-in-thailand
  10. Problem is dealers, they take all the money! Farmer get little over 20 bth/kilogram. And do all hard work. Ok its "raw" rubber but anyway.
  11. Few nights already has feeling like sleep in wet tent! Under planket and still gold. Nice to go back Finland where have 20 sentimeter snow!
  12. Aha time to go village home lol. What they going to trade fake Chanel bags and fake Marlboro?
  13. Sometimes plants just die! Only need to move position and nothing help anymore. Vertilizer is really cheap in here. If i don't know what to buy i put NPK 15-15-15.
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