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  1. Have you see sun never go down! Have you see most moscito in world whitch not make any harm. Have you see thoot fairy or santa. Have you have sex middle of night when sun never go down! Have you never get naked swim whit many girls in summer! Have you hold them whit sun what never go down! Sunrice what never happen! Have you never been swim water what you actualy drink same time!
  2. Why you dont have feelings! I also cant help everybody , can give my support!
  3. Be happy you all! 2 month ago my good frind step dad die! He cant go coz sht! Now her dad die yesterday. Fix own tractor and pressure hose proke... im out ! keep toutch! Im out try help my close friend !
  4. I never try to act like finnish man here! I try be polite always! I know its not how should act here. Thank's guys! Same house come sometimes things what can't haddle easy! Never want happen! Culture is different i know! And actualy know she not jeaous but how make topic.l
  5. My wife worried her daughter coz few times see me whitout clothes! Im not "small" and still have 6 , not in fridge. Im not pervert and try be polite, but in same house some happen! Im Finnish and we don't care to be naked, it's only natural to me! That girl i treath like my own kid but what can do! Can't chance thai attitude! Girl is only come 13.
  6. Nobody gamble here , mai pen rai! And every thai woman hate playing cards! When she stop doing that , maybe favorite monk was eating som tam and not get next day number.
  7. Can you bring here even one economist! Who tell Thai coverment that bth is too strong! Farang want get 1€ 50 not 35! Soon you even lose many factory coz so strong BTH! More people unemployed, more money lose!
  8. Hmm.. i always think all love me. One really nice woman in soi 11 , i always think true love! So much miss her and my wallet!
  9. If don't want help people in here then close topic! I never have problem sorry!
  10. Is this in urology section or what topic? Actualy hope you get good treathment can be painfull!
  11. They chance attitude every 15 minutes anyway so who can follow! If you give 1000 or more bth every houer they happy! Other situation you in trouble ! Period is different then you have problem all the time!
  12. If fellow member in TVF , want share story about lovely border guard's . Or law's/ reason's what nobony never hear. Maybe we get even nice laugh!
  13. Actualy she is not farmer! 7 years ago get land whit 150000 bth! Now that land also have Chanote. 13,5 rai. Just get little while ago Chanote not her name coz she can't own ! If you don't know why im not explain to you! Coz some things here many really don't understand! Was already young rubber tree so i only think she really smart! Humor is how you want take it! Like some Trump supporters can't take any humor about him!
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