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  1. Ask your gf to take all needed document whit her when she come! Single status , birth certificate etc. Long time ago when i married Filipina in Finland i even need to go Police interrogation, take 2 houers. That time she not go back Philippines after we get married. Now the ex Biat.... has Finland citizenship and half my money!
  2. If some tourist REALLY want to go Phuket, how many option they have when choose flights?! I think not many flight /week. And from where have direct flight? So many from possible tourist also need to get conection flight to even get there! People in Europe find nice beach much more close bye and there can even get cold beer whitout drinking it through mask!
  3. In provinces whitch have even get some vaccine, they give first to "vip" people. Old people in village's all around Thailand have not get any!
  4. There are few ok Thai beef also but have to watch its "rare" cooked (hang) enough time. If not its like chewing gum!
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