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  1. 1 hour ago, Wallabi said:

    Interesting question.

    I'm in a similar situation, I have a 30-day visa exemption, like you, except I've already used my 1-month extension back in April just before the amnesty (unlucky). So from what I understand, this means that if the amnesty isn't extended, I'm basically screwed and I have to leave. Is that correct?

    I'm in a similar situation as yourself but with a 60 day tourist visa, I used a 30 day extension as well as the covid extension (although I didn't have to use that one technically). I'm just waiting for an official announcement from the Thai government regarding the amnesty, but preparing myself to leave just in case.

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  2. 38 minutes ago, GeorgeCross said:


    wife was following this story from the thai side and last night said the feeling is that internationals (i don't want to say the f... word) are not the target of immigration reopening but neighboring countries citizens are. there's a worry that they are struggling to support themselves and find work in the current climate.


    probably going home and blabbing that they caught covid here didn't win too many friends either lol


    anyway just passing on her opinion.. one more for the pile



    I do remember reading an editorial awhile back about a country by country implementation of the amnesty possibly being a solution, although it would be nearly impossible for this government to probably draw up. LOL

  3. It's impossible to say what the government will do, but I haven't heard any news about the visa amnesty topic being discussed at this point. I booked a ticket for the end of July back to the US, but I too am hoping for an extension and at the very least hope that the government makes an announcement about the amnesty by the middle of July.

  4. 3 hours ago, BritTim said:

    Travel bubbles are based on the idea that you only allow people to enter Thailand just after they leave another Covid-19 free country. Your passport is irrelevant. There may be restrictions based on xenophobia, but there is absolutely no logical reason why someone who has been through quarantine in Vietnam should not then be allowed to travel to Thailand, assuming a travel bubble is in place.

    I totally agree that this is how things should be done. However, before Cambodia locked down their borders, they were refusing admittance to US passport holders (but not Thai citizens) coming from Thailand, even though these passengers clearly had not been in the US for a long duration of time. I was informed of this by the US embassy when I was attempting to travel several months back from Thailand.

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  5. I think there's a small chance but I haven't really heard any news regarding this topic even being discussed by the government. Plus anything can happen within the next 5 to 6 weeks. I already booked a flight back to the US a few days before the end of July , if there is another amnesty extension, guess I can always change my flight for a later date.

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  6. On 4/24/2020 at 2:18 AM, theVenerable said:

    Yet I only get a three day extension on my under consideration visa and was told to come back in three days.
    Sounds great.

    Everyone please go to immigration office and check first  if you are due to go there.

    Listening to the dross in here could get you a hefty overstay fine

    Which office is this? The office in Khon Kaen told me I was fine until April 30th (when I came for my consideration follow-up), and I'm assuming it was extended further due to the amnesty.

  7. 42 minutes ago, Jackcwba said:

    I went on April 15 to get the under consideration stamp addressed and I now have a visa stamp giving me until May 2. I asked if I am

    now automatic after May 2 and they said no I will need to obtain a new

    embassy letter and bring the usual documents to extend ( passport photo, photocopy and 1900 fee..


    Well, technically no amnesty has been declared after April 30th as of today so maybe what the IO said is correct. I think we need to just be patient and wait for any new announcements. However, if they extend the amnesty but still make people get another extension, then we're all screwed.

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  8. Just now, vermin on arrival said:

    I think so. But from what they say I think we can continue to push our time forward in case the additional amnesty is not given. I can't see how it would not be extended in May with most airlines non functional and borders closed. Unless they decide to kick us all back to the countries of our citizenship regardless of the situations there. The US is a complete <deleted>show and last on my list of places to go since I haven't lived there in 22 years..

    I'm from the US as well and do not want to go back unless absolutely necessary. One would think that Thailand will extend the amnesty but as we all know, we can't assume anything here. If worse comes to worse and I've exhausted all my options I'm more than willing to pay whatever overstay fee they ask when I feel that it is safe and reasonable to fly back. Anyways good luck, keep us informed.

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  9. 3 minutes ago, vermin on arrival said:

    Were you at CW?

    No, Khon Kaen, but from other posts I've read it seems most of the immigration offices are following similar protocol to what I experienced. Also I don't think there's any guarantee of second covid extensions being granted, if anything we "might" receive an extended amnesty under the decree. Maybe the IO was telling you to bring a letter if the amnesty is not extended?

  10. 2 minutes ago, vermin on arrival said:

    Yes it's to get an additional covid extension after this one ends. Seems like they are pushing it to keep the income rolling even though the amnesty will probably keep rolling. Did you have a valid stamp after March 26 when you got your emergency covid extension?

    Yes I was on a 30 day extension of my SETV which expired after Mar 26. In retrospect, I shouldn't have probably bothered to get the Covid extension, but the amnesty announcement came so late.

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  11. 5 minutes ago, vermin on arrival said:

    It's the follow up of the under consideration stamp, but what is frustrating it that I called the national hotline and CW last week and they said since I was valid on the March 29th I didn't have to go for the follow up stamp to be validated. I wanted to be sure so called again just to be 100% since I didn't know who I actually spoke too. This person checked my file and said I had to come. However, I don't know who I was talking to and maybe she were wrong, but the first 2 didn't check my file.

    Yes, I agree it can be frustrating. Personally for myself, I went to the immigration office for my follow up and just showed my passport and they stamped me til the 28th, but said I'm now covered in that blanket visa amnesty. The process was pretty painless. I have no idea why they're asking you to bring another letter especially since most embassies do not issue them anymore.

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  12. 56 minutes ago, vermin on arrival said:

    So I spent hours trying to get in contact with CW today finally got someone and they got an English speaker. She finally went and checked my computer file and said yes I needed to report on the 23rd. She said I could then apply for another extension with another personal letter from the embassy. Of course I contacted the US Embassy via e-mail and the automated reply said they will no longer do that for people with my stamps. Tried to call US embassy emergency line, but no one will answer.


    So I think we need to go to CW since we have the under consideration stamp even though we have the valid stamps for after March 26th(mine was for March 29th) since we went and did the emergency covid extensions. I called right after the amnesty was announced and both national hotline and someone at CW said I didn't have to come. Not sure who is right but need to go anyway. This is really bureaucratic hell.

    Just to be sure, is the 23rd the follow-up for the consideration stamp where you get a final stamp.... or is that when your full Covid extension (30 days) actually expires?

  13. 3 hours ago, Macthehat said:

    Dont hold your breath on ethihad, I've had 2 flights canceled already and no refund . My latest flight with them for the 17th may has been canceled too . 

    I've tried to call them to no avail and they haven't responded to any emails other that computer generated ones which just tell you to call . 

    Then I decided to book with emerates for the 27th of May  and just received an email 1 week after booking , it also had been canceled. They've sent an attached note stating I just need to call anytime within 24 months to re book another flight at no further cost . 

    So much for third time lucky .

    Your experience is similar to my quest to find a flight to return to the US. 3 cancelled flights so far, can't get through to anyone on the phone, its basically a <deleted> show. 

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  14. I think quite a few folks with tourist related visas will have their Covid extension (not the consideration but actual extension) expire within the next few weeks. I am under the assumption that most of us are in the clear until the end of the month due to the visa amnesty, but any updates to verify this information would be greatly appreciated. Also if any of you hear information on what we should do after the 30th, that would be fantastic. And please, can we keep this thread on topic. Thanks!

  15. 32 minutes ago, vermin on arrival said:

    You see my post #13? So you don't trust the two IOs I talked to today, one at national hotline and one from CW  who said I didn't need to come since I was valid on march 29. Told me I didn't need to worry about reporting to validate the under consideration stamp. Mine also says report on April 23.

    I was at KK immigration yesterday for my consideration follow-up. They didn't shoo me away but stamped my passport with the extension to stay date. I noticed the IO went through a stack of papers in the back, until she found a photo copy of my passport and one other photocopy (not sure which document this was). She also highlighted my name off a list (in front of me) of which I assumed were other people under consideration. On the bright-side though the office was practically empty, was in and out in 15 minutes.


    My original 30 extension on my SETV was set to expire March 28th.

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  16. 13 minutes ago, TherealG said:

    So I'm here on a 30 day tourist stamp it expires the 17th so do I still need to go to immigration before that for the 30 day extension? 


    What happens after the 30th 



    Since your visa expires after March 26th you should have automatic amnesty until April 30th. As far as after the 30th, your guess is as good as mine. Hopefully there will be another automatic extension.

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  17. As I noted on another thread I had a similar experience at KK immigration in that I was essentially told that it is not necessary to show up for a second Covid extension. I do however highly recommend that people who just have a consideration stamp do actually show up at their immigration office and make the first Covid extension official. That "should" put you into the visa amnesty category. 

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  18. Hey folks, I just returned from KK Immigration for my "consideration" stamp follow up. The IO simply asked for my passport and nothing else. The whole process was rather quick and the immigration office was the emptiest I've probably ever seen it. When the IO returned my passport with the new date (April 28) I asked what I should do if the Covid situation is not cleared by then. She tried to explain in English, but eventually just handed me a paper with the English translation of the visa amnesty decree (ie. visa amnesty for persons whose visas expired from March 26th). She did not mention anything about returning to the office or bringing a new letter from the embassy. 


    It should also be noted that I saw her highlight my name off a long list. I'm assuming this was the Covid consideration list, hence I suggest that people with the consideration stamp do show up to their local immigration office to get an official extended visa.


    I really hope my interpretation of her actions is correct, otherwise I'm going to end up forking over quite a bit of over-stay money when I actually do fly out of Thailand. Looking forward to hearing about what others experienced.

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