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  1. That was a very long sentence... Did you even read the last half of what i wrote? I agree the virus is everywhere and not only in entertainment areas. My point was that there are a huge diffrence between a person that intentionally ignore covid health advice and put others at risk and those who follow regulations but got infected anyway. I would have more confidence in a infected person that follows regulations to really isolate themselves at home. I would not trust a covid denier/anti mask person for one second to isolate at home.
  2. No but i would have thought about that already and not expose myself in the first place of either going to bars/parties, mixing with people that dont wear masks etc. So for these people, being forced to field hospitals are fine with me. For others that got infected without being careless they would isolate at home if they lived alone and would not risk others in that building. Not really sure how they would access food though without any risk. Not saying this would work at all in real life but in my perfect world it would.
  3. While my first instinct to this was sarcasm, i do think it is good that at least someone admits it.
  4. I get all your points but i still feel that the HK and BKK outbreaks are not exactly the same. Considering the population, culture, tourism vs economy and more. People will react diffrent to government control on many many factors. Im not trying to prove anything here, it is just my own opinion after living in both countries. I know the economy was a factor of quarantine being reduced from 14 days to 10 days but is that change in revenue worth the risk? None of us know that for sure because we do not know the risk until it is too late. However judging fro
  5. Not sure that is enough due to the diffrence in numbers right now and last year but i really hope you are right.
  6. I think you are correct but for some reason it did not work as well in Malaysia. I do have a few ideas on why but yeah, unfortunally. I remember HK citizens complained a lot about the border to China being open too long. Then in March i believe it was they closed everything for non-residents, alco bans etc. They also increased quarantine to 21 days end of last year.
  7. The diffrence is that HK and Singapore do not have parties like the Phuket Kolour beach party, full of covid deniers, no one wearing mask etc. Not to mention their strict rules for entering the country. Actually Thailand had similar strict rules last year which helped to control the outbreak quite effective. If you look at Vietnam and Taiwan it is the same story there. Border pretty much closed since start. However, Thailand choosed a diffrent path in recent months and now even made quarantine shorter 1st April. I know majority (at least here) dont seem to
  8. I do think it is a combination of all these and then some. Not fair to blame one particular group when it is probably all of them from top to bottom including many not mentioned. Question is, will they fix it? That is what im worried about.
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