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  1. "Seems like a young independent and aspiring woman." ...and there you have, what they think is wrong with her!
  2. You know, how fast Thais are to cremmate their dead! And non of those were ever tested! And thousands of others - alive - did not have the money to get tested and just were "riding it out"... You are right! It absolutely sound silly!
  3. Yeah...135.000 people in the US dead...all of them with pre- existing conditions! Rrrrrrrright....
  4. ...which has exactly what to do with Trump using it? It has as well been used by white supremacists as by people who fought against the opression of black people! yOU KNOW THAT CONTEXT MATTERS...RIGHT?!
  5. I am always baffeled by the trust, some people put into this government and the correct reporting of the correct numbers of ANYTHING!
  6. Yeah...i pee'd myself, laughing! Hillarious! Luckily, there were some slide whistles, otherwise...
  7. I bet Morgan Freeman would rather eat his own tongue, than to recite such inane drivel!
  8. I don't know who you mean by "your buddy john", but you are the right person to accuse anyone of being a troll!
  9. Oh come on Thai people! Your glorious government told you from day 1, that everything is under control and now thay are telling you for the last 40 days, that there was no domestic infection case! What are you cautious about? No need! Anutin, Prayut and their gang of merry men have you covered!
  10. So...until now, you have never heard of the 14 days incubation- time? Seriously? After 5 month of this ...?
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