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  1. Because there is no Covid according to offical figures, I don't expect people keep social distancing and wearing masks forever since even your own government is telling you there's no Covid.
  2. There's a reason if USA is one of the world superpowers and Thailand is Thailand.
  3. Thailand has covid, there have been imported cases from Thailand in other countries lately. New Zealand has a population of less than 5millions, Thailand 70 millions so the testing rate/population is much higher. Stay home?Lol you must be kidding me, the virus is not going away anytime soon and most countries are realizing we just have to live with it.
  4. https://www.romatoday.it/attualita/coronavirus-roma-notizie-oggi-9-agosto-2020.html
  5. Of course it was from some seller at the market, China just tried to blame it on Norwegian Salmon. New Zealand is trying to do the same blaming it on imported goods.
  6. Safe Thailand is a myth, unless you think people only die of Covid nowadays. Plus there have been multiple imported cases from Thailand in other countries showing the virus is still here.
  7. Thailand has Covid,they just are not looking for it. Last week 3 imported cases were found in Japan and Italy from people returning from Thailand.
  8. They will probably blame some foreigner source like they did in Vietnam but reality is there are many people with this virus walking around with no symptoms. It can go unnoticed for many months until you test someone with flu like symtoms and it turns out positive.
  9. I think chipmunks are those really believing a virus already spreading everywhere can be completely eradicated from the world by social distancing and face masks.
  10. Yes of course I know, basically everyone in this world is an asymptomatic carrier nowadays. That's how you keep the circus going.
  11. Lol people really believe wearing a mask will stop a virus,it's hilarious how easy is to brainwash people. Everyone is now realizing how ridicolous this Covid madness is, a virus so weak you have to literally test everyone because 80% of people don't even cough a single time.
  12. Pray that Thais won't find even one asymptomatic local transmission, with the level of paranoia and fear I see I can already imagine the reaction.
  13. Why still need social distancing when there's no more Covid for such a long time?
  14. Thailand better do more tests, there are already 2 imported cases from Thailand in the past 2 days in Japan and Italy
  15. https://www.romatoday.it/attualita/coronavirus-roma-notizie-oggi-9-agosto-2020.html
  16. I think they hospitalize every positive case, even asymptomatics
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