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  1. When young, my neighbours lived next to a real a+++hole, so I'm told
  2. Just get a more powerful sling shot or a few house bricks and return fire
  3. There is a simple solution to end this fear. Alas a large amount of people would think it barbaric
  4. Tourism is zero so how does a hospital make money these days Just fleece the poor sods who come in thinking they will be cared for Go to a public hospital next time, you may have a longer wait, but the pocket wont cry
  5. Look up Kent State University May 4 1970, that may answer your part of your question God Bless America
  6. Maybe TAT need new advertising for Pattaya " If the Corona Virus failed to kill you, Don't worry the beach WILL"
  7. If they were rectal thermometers, I could offer a way to get them out of customs
  8. Destroy the whole bike 100 % guarantee no more noise comes from the bike
  9. It takes months for a dealer to get white plates for your car. But go to LTO and ask for new plates for a used car you get them in under 1 hour
  10. It was raining, the fire brigade didn't want to get wet Besides we do fires not electricity
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