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  1. My grasp of the Thai language only gets me in trouble. Mind you my wife's English is quite good, until the relo's visit. Then we revert to " My friend you called, You friend me come today, and my favourite you want sh=t ( cheese )
  2. Do Thai's have experience demolishing over 6 floors. It will be interesting to see how they manage it, from a great distance that is.
  3. Get her listed on the account as having access to it. It only takes a few minutes in the bank and her signature is listed. The account still in your name only
  4. How could you not trust this man, such a sweet smile. Just like a great white shark, moments before it bites you
  5. Back in 1964, I had a maths teacher who liked to hurl text books at the students. In our last few weeks before leaving school he went ballistic. He tossed a book at a mate of mine, who sent it back the same way Needless to say we had a relaxing time after the fool was knocked out. The moral we learnt was dont toss things at agro pupils
  6. And there was me thinking klingons were Thai relatives
  7. Just a waste of money. None of them are wired up, and if they were how big an alternator do you think it would need
  8. 46 and retired from the police force. I wonder what better paying work is he doing now
  9. There are plenty of old tarts dressing like young girls around here. Just remember you cant make a silk purse out of a pigs ear
  10. Buy a few immersion heaters, that should keep your fish warm. Or knit them woollen jackets
  11. Why do they need a new needle each time. Its not like the person being injected will die from any diseases
  12. Uranus is no doubt littered with will nots ( will nots = tiny bits of that will not wash off )
  13. Safe What IS safe in Thailand That's part of its attraction
  14. You forgot to mention their short arms and very deep pockets
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