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  1. self-made ? what about 10 years media attention since she was a little kid ? is that what they call self made these days ? if she was not part of that specific narcissistic exploiting family, she would be a nobody
  2. when I go to police station, they say in Thai : not for us ... go somewhere else ...
  3. there is nothing to worry with 57 death in 4 months as ... there was never a real risk to begin with ... CDC new numbers, 0.2 PERCENT DEATH RATE
  4. let me guess TAT will use the super abnormally low 57 deaths only as a reason to say: we did this & that ... we are the best, etc.... it is safe... but farangs with family here, can still not come back ATM
  5. you think they know the vaccine is useless so a quick sell out and everybody is happy ? https://edition.cnn.com/2020/05/22/investing/moderna-coronavirus-vaccine-stock-sales/index.html
  6. people really want to inject themselves with a vaccine with unknown side effects for a 0.2 percent mortality rate in the already sick ? fyi: Morderna execs , one of the vaccine makers, sold their shares making them 30$ million... speculation is that the vaccine will be worthless so cashing out before the others is the smart move... https://edition.cnn.com/2020/05/22/investing/moderna-coronavirus-vaccine-stock-sales/index.html
  7. new cdc numbers on their webiste ... 50x less than the predicted doom ... the lockdown farce should be over... wonder how long it will take just think, 2-3 months ago, all this clowning was not needed, it never was, will never stop anything
  8. liberalization of medical equipment, remember the post from a few days ago = they ask whatever they want
  9. if anyone is reading this post: add VITAMIN D test ... yeah, as if ... maybe they could figure out why thailand, with lots of sun, had very little death
  10. they should investigate "VISA agents", that do magic for a lot of money in combination with IO's that refuse to deliver an extension for the normal 1900 baht and/or invent reasons to ask more documents not one official website even talks about nobody interested as usual
  11. and the family left a 12 year old girl to go "work" and live with a 35 year old man ? police not interested
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