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  1. Imagine they had snow in Thailand to further challenge Thai drivers 'skills'.
  2. I'm with you on that one, but you forgot your first love Britman, you know the 9000 baht a month rented wife. I was married to a French Belgy...very expensive, sultry and totally unreliable after 40,000 miles.
  3. No idea, but always makes me smile when an article uses an acronym, then follows up by explaining (in brackets) what is stands for; thereby defeating the whole object. There's only 1 that I know everyone is familiar with and that's BBC. Depending on where it crops up obviously.
  4. Agreed, same here in Nonthaburi. We also employ for our shops and had a mix of results. Having said that, the same could be said about some of the UK work force. Add in all the bureaucracy and on top costs a lot of the time they were making more than me, the owner working 12 hours a day. I was amazed at the number of ways tradesmen in the construction industry could manipulate the price of work. Bricklayers for example; pay them by the 1000 and they throw 500 off the scaffolding, by the day and it's cigarette breaks every 10 bricks, by the job and they forget to rake out. Finish time on a
  5. Never felt 'old' as such, but I have felt 'good' or 'not so good' as situations at a particular time have been the major influence. I should feel old presently, however not having to physically graft and having a regular income from pensions results in a certain calm leaving me feeling better than I did 30 years ago. Other than when I'm driving, Thailand has another calming side effect too.
  6. You don't convert a UK license to a Thai license. You have to visit your local Thai driving test centre where you will have to take a test. Beware the test is rigorous and comprehensive; way more challenging than the UK driving test. After 10 minutes you will be presented with a 2 year licence. No appointment and no agent.
  7. In reality most (womens) cosmetics are all fake. Pots of tiny cream for £80 that the main constituent of is 'Aqua'. You are what you eat and no amount of gunge you apply on the outside is going to make any significant difference. I've been to the perfume houses in Grasse and they sell similar smellies to the heavily marketed companies at a fraction of the cost. Same applies to £50 logoed tee shirts that are manufactured in the same shops as £5 tee shirts. Why on earth can some celebrity (sports / media / music ) add their name to a product and it suddenly become so wonderful
  8. Just driven to Cha Am from Nonthaburi. Nonthaburi was a Red zone and the local area of Phetchaburi around the Cal Comp Electronics factory ( between the end of Rama II and Phetchaburi City) is now a Red Zone. I was expecting road blocks all down highway 4, but not a police post in site. On previous occasions I usually run into a police check 50% of the journeys. Maybe because Covid-19 is transmitted in the air, flying is more of a problem. Or is it that they don't have police posts in the sky to stop and check you?
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