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    Depends where you live. Tap water in Thailand supposedly meets WHO as potable. When I'm down in Cha Am there is a distinct light brown tinge to the tap water. Here in Nonthaburi it looks clearer. However I personally don't believe these jugs are a match for the multi layered filter systems. I use ones from Home Pro, cost about 8000 baht and last a few years. Cheaper than a trip to hospital.
  2. Totally agree. We have a business in Nonthaburi and retain a place down in Cha Am. Over the last few weeks the journey there has become increasingly busier and the beach there is full of Thai ( not local, it's dead during the week ). Hua Hin is packed and the main highway is bumper to bumper.
  3. Is that $39.5 Billion all from the one super affluent super new type of superior tourist that TAT yearn for in the future?
  4. <deleted> is hydroxychloroquine?. Sounds worse than Covid-19 itself. Anyway I'll stick to G+T's, appears to have worked for me for the last 6 months.
  5. And then it was driven away, continuing its journey in its present state without repair.
  6. Not disagreeing Richard for the majority of Thais; however I presume that if a Thai national travels with their farang partner then the incentive is still valid. In which case I'm certainly considering the offer. Except I've been watching this for weeks awaiting details and conditions, and it's not been a case of shifting goal posts, more a case of no goalposts whatsoever.
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