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  1. I'm a tad under 6 foot and find most of the time it to be an advantage here. I'm fairly slim too but the main problem with my size is when I wear the wife's panties. Awfully tight after a few hours.
  2. Splitting hairs on numbers here, that method would not be 100% accurate. The average number of legs for the human species is 1.99999999.....I asked Sir Paul McCartney.
  3. True, usually they are stacked at the yard until customs paperwork is complete and then transferred out to the consignee by truck.
  4. Looks to me like they were using a reach stacker to load the container onto his truck bed. Possibly the container was passing over his cab when one of the lugs broke off or cable snapped. RIP, but should have never been anywhere near the container, ie. should have left his cab until the container had been secured.
  5. Ah ah, so the truths finally out. The infographic shows there are 386,037 less Thais than a year ago. I knew the mortality rate for Covid-19 was being reported incorrectly.
  6. May I enter this discussion as what could be termed and 'expert' in the matter. Actually the wife is the expert and clocked up 7 tickets in the last 2 months. 127 km/ hour in a 120 limit receives a ticket. When we 'discussed' the matter, her English dropped significantly to 2 words an hour. So I guess I did manage to slow her down.
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