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  1. You're then supposed to set it alight. That will do the job.
  2. Don't think there are many business people joining in the demonstrations. Whilst some of them may agree to a degree with the principal of the demos, I'm sure their bottom line comes first. And their shop windows come a close second. Most people in business I know prefer to work around problems rather than rock the boat. It's academic either way, as nothing is going to change drastically in the next 6 months by which time any potential tourists will have forgotten about the current situation, and the current situation will be resolved. He said, hopefully.
  3. Yeh, but in Bangkok you can have a condo with a moat around it every few years. Maybe permanently in 10 years time. And if the youth are still demonstrating you get to pour boiling oil on them from the 7th floor upwards.
  4. A very poor business decision. They will miss the 18 tourists due next year and it will savage their bottom line.
  5. If Thailand's response is so fantastic then why don't the WHO simply notify countries still buried deep in the problem what the solution (s) is and the world can then get on about its business. I use to work for an organisation that developed its own vocabulary and presented it in a way that confused outsiders, all to benefit its own existence. What on earth is the WHO set up / funded for, other than to come up with answers and a strategy to deal with this. It should be their main and only focus presently.
  6. So you are saying Kasikorn and Thai banks can make a charge back? As a family group we had flights with Thai Airways booked to China. Thai cancelled and since then I have been trying to obtain a refund, however they now say they cannot find the booking reference in their system. If this was in the UK they would have had a small claims court notice on their desk within 21 days. I am with others on this regarding paying up-front for services. It always appeared to me that the t's + c's were vastly in favour of the supplier.
  7. If they approach this from a percentage basis, there’s no need to increase revenue from non-flight income, they just need to make less income from flights. No problem, they’re world leaders at this.
  8. OK, so if you are trying to enter (re-enter) the country now then obviously you are bound by the rules. I’m not one for forecasting on this site, but anyone else should not concern themselves as I cannot in all honesty see this directive having any lasting life if Thailand is serious about re-opening its doors to tourism. I’m not a gambler either but I’ll wage 10 baht on a substantial change (scrapping) of this requirement in 2021. Now, if Thai government see this as an opportunity to ‘clean up’ then I’ve lost my 10 baht; but will they win or will big busine
  9. Emirates have offered many incentives during the C-19 crisis order to see it through. I have flights booked with them that come with no change fees in the t’s+c’s. They also are offering a one-of-a-kind COVID-coverage health insurance, valid for 31 days. ‘If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 within 31 days from the moment you take your first flight, the airline will cover medical expenses with up to €150,000 (about $177,000). Furthermore, it will reimburse any quarantine costs with up to €100 ($118) for 14 days.’ It would be useful to know if the Thai governme
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