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  1. I think it was 6 years Met my wife my 1st trip to Thailand I was 30yrs old, she was 21yrs old. But as usual, Thai girls want to go 0-60 in a relationship and I wanted it to be more casual Seen each other on maybe 7-8 trips in 2/3 years But went our separate ways, she moved to Italy for a couple of years But we ended back together So known each other 18 years, married for 12 years My stepson is 19yrs old at Thamassat University, we have a great relationship. Always in touch with each other We still would like to have a bab
  2. This post is delusional and this thinking is the main reason so many guys have issues with their Thai wives/gf's. Talk about putting the Thai girl on a pedestal while you give up all your culture and values..... Be a normal person, be secure in what you offer as a way of lifestyle and normal support(not money) that any man would do in a marriage. Don't be a pushover, like so many guys are in Thailand If you are offering a good life and good marital support..............than be firm in that from the start If the girl is actually into you for more than just money
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