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  1. Back to cultural traits A big one for me is curiosity. I've met very few Thais, even highly educated ones, who have much of a curiosity. They are discouraged not to question people like teachers/doctors..... That gives them no sense of curiosity, IMO.............. I want any child I have to question everything and everyone.................
  2. I can see that. I am from Boston, lived in NYC for 14 years There is such a Latin culture in those cities, that it feels familiar to me when I travel to Latin America Funny you mention the language. I am taking my Thai wife to Mexico for the 1st time, and I guarantee you she gets a bit angry(not really) that I know/understand Spanish much better than I know Thai
  3. I agree 100% My wife took on her 8yr old niece. She was born with crossed eyes and wears these big glasses. She is as meek and shy as they come When my wife took her in, she was 26 out of 29 in class We asked her what she was interested in, did she want to play an instrument, dance, etc.... She asked if she could take swimming classes, we got her into that and her confidence has soared........ She is now 12 out of 29 in school...............all through having a bit more confidence
  4. When I 1st met my wife she was afraid to go into 4/5 star hotels She now has a business(or had before covid) that deals with owners of hotels, telling staff that try and make things difficult to "<deleted> off" I grew up lower middle class in the US, but I never felt I "didn't belong anywhere" I remember we'd go to nice restaurants for special occasions..........I was never itimidated, We know Thai chefs here in Vancouver who went to major culinary schools, worked around the world but still feel they "are less than" I showed my wife she belongs
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