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  1. We are a bit too city for that 5555 But you sound like you enjoy it, that's all that matters
  2. Thanks for all the advice and opinions, this is a good discussion..........
  3. After 17/18 years(I should try and figure that out 555) I am not concerned with my wife screwing me over. If she was looking to do so, then she played the real long game and is an idiot not to do it sooner 555 But as I said above, the 4mil or so that might go into this is money I would consider a settlement/inheritance/savings for whatever may come down the road, after so long together
  4. I wouldn't have the heart and that's all part of the hassle I spoke about........
  5. Holy hell, i thought 20 rai of land would make us a few 100k per year or more!! 555 So there is my question answered! (I also said I didn't know <deleted> about any of this............)
  6. I'm not looking to make an investment, or build any sort of business We will be buying land and building a house, so if it was a decent amount of land, just trying to figure out to do something on it
  7. One idea I had is her closest relative is her Aunt, a really great person who really looks out for my wife, always has. So maybe if we end up with a decent poly of land, allow her to farm it however she prefers. Keeps the land in shape and her Aunt makes a living
  8. 40-80k/yr wouldn't be worth it for me to deal with any potential drama from the lessees............
  9. Wow, can you BM pics of the German Shepherds? I would love to hear more about your breeding. Do you deal with just Thai clients? I had a German Shepherd for almost 18 years and yes, I brought him to live in Thailand from the US with me when I moved there. That was 2004 and not many big dogs, let alone German Shepherds were in Thailand. So my gf(my wife now) would get some surprised looks when they'd see this Thai girl walking down the street with a German Shepherd! The Shepherd actually ended up living in this village I have been talking about, for about a year, before he came to Canada with me........
  10. I've been with my wife for 17 years, actually maybe 18 years. No real big outlays so far, and she makes good money in Canada and has a business that makes decent money in Thailand. So she contributes. My deal with land/house has always been that whatever she saves towards that. I will double it. Simply because I think she should feel the pride of "ownership", not me just buying her a house and she has always been on board with that............ She would be happy with a 1mil house but I want something I enjoy living in and spending time in. I think 4mil would give me a suitable house and 6mil will give me something I really like and want to spend time there. So my share would be 4mil, which if she told me to beat it the day after the house was finished, I'd consider it her divorce settlement and time served 5555
  11. The village is actually Doem Bang, about 20mins from Singburi. It still doesn't sound like it would be worth the hassle leasing the land, collecting payment. Fortunately we wouldn't need the income from it, so it isn't something we need the money from. Now if we were able to buy a smaller plot of land, I wouldn't do anything on the land............but it's extremely hard to find land in the 5-6rai range So if we end up buying a larger piece of land at the price I want, I wouldn't want it to go to waste. We started to chat about growing fruit on it, possibly Again, this is all just throwing ideas around. Some good info by a lot of posters, I appreciate it..............
  12. Actually thank you I could have sworn there was a farming thread and missed it. Thanks for any info provided
  13. I don't know how to fix a flat tire, I ain't about to be a farmer! I was talking about leasing the land for someone to farm on it............but would only do it if it was worth it. I wouldn't want the hassle if it only returns a small amount. But have no clue what income that would generate. And my wife's family is mostly raised in BKK, so they aren't farmers either.............
  14. Dated for 5 years, been living in Canada(downtown Vancouver) for most of 12 years, she goes back to Thailand a fair bit also(I do too) We would be splitting the costs of land(and house build) I've been to her village more times than I can count, it's about 20mins to Singburi, a decent sized town which I enjoy I'd never live in the village full time, likely half the year but I think at this stage in life(I'm 48, probably retired at 54) I will be quite content spending time there. But I like the city and beach so would head to BKK/beach often also(and also back to Canada and US) It's not so much an investment plan.......I'd happily buy 6-8 rai and not do anything on it but build a house. Unlike your wife, my wife didn't grow up entirely in the village, so she doesn't have any idea about this stuff........ But if only a big parcel came available at a price I want, I'd like to know if leasing it is worth the hassle
  15. 1st off, I have zero intention of being a rice farmer! 555 I've been with my wife for 17 years and we started to look at buying land in her village. Her village is quite known for having good land for rice, and I believe there is 3 harvests(SuphanBuri province) The thing is, land in her village usually only becomes available in large parcels. I am guy who has lived in the city/downtown his whole life.......... But if we bought a large parcel of land and leased it for farming, does anyone know what that makes? I don't want the hassle of dealing with leasing land if it doesn't make sense financially for me. Thanks for any info.........
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