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  1. Speaking of last names My stepson still uses his father's last name The guy has almost never been in his life. I told my wife that she should have his name changed to her maiden name. She keeps putting it off because "too much paperwork" But I told her it will be stupid to have grandchildren (holy <deleted> I can't believe I typed that 555) with some guys last name that no one really knows.
  2. When my wife 1st got to Canada, she didn't work for the 1st 6 months or so The house was spotless, my clothes were arranged in my closet by color And I couldn't wait until she was out of the house working Unless you have young children, I can't imagine my wife not working Her making her own money just changes the relationship Plus add on the social aspect, where she isn't just relying on me to provide her with social engagement Before my wife started working, she'd meet Thai girls that were here in Canada with farangs and there was always drama.
  3. I would think Canada might be a bit easy It was extremely easy for us to apply for dependent child to come to Canada when my wife was here on a work permit
  4. Funny story When we wanted to bring my stepson to Canada, we needed the father(who never provided anything) to sign away his parental rights. Of course he said he would for 30k baht My wife was <deleted> but I told her to give him 15k and he's out of their lives Since my stepson was born in Petchaburi, they had to all go there to have him sign the papers. So my wife, her brother and the ratbag Thai father drove to Petchaburi from Bangkok Once everything was done, they left and the ratbag Thai father started to walk to their car My wife tol
  5. I was just asking out of curiosity. When the subject came up, I was curious If the child went to stay with my MIL, it would be informal
  6. What do you mean as "medieval"? My MIL raised my stepson but she was unrelenting with him. She wouldn't allow the kid to go anywhere. Now that he lives at Thammasat, we can hardly get him home. He loves living on his own and has grown leaps and bounds from when he was under my MIL's strict hosuehold
  7. Anyone have any experience adopting children in Thailand I've been with my wife for 18 years, married for 12 1/2 years, we have my 19yr stepson I wouldn't mind adopting 2 or 3 kids but actually, my wife was approached by her brother's ex-gf They have 4 kids and the brother doesn't take care or help financially The ex-gf is a good kid, works hard but just can't afford 4 kids She asked my wife to take the youngest, 2 years old. We probably won't be able to because we doing Permanent Residence in Canada, but may have my MIL look after the
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