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  1. They know most tourists will be coming from China so definitely need more prawns
  2. Quality Tourist who stay a long time! Not us farangs on long stay visas who rent houses and spend a considerable amount of money. i spend 8 months a year In Thailand but probably won’t be able to get back because I’m from USA. I know most people are jealous that they’re not from USA but it is what it is. I live in a county that has only 10 deaths. Oh well I’ll just keep stacking up mucho bucks and then take advantage of good deals due to Thailand ruining people’s lives
  3. No western tourist will be stupid enough to go through that. a mask a shield and a raincoat and test,test ,test they’ve got to be investors, or complete idiots
  4. 1200-1600 have been arriving everyday? Where are they coming from? whats the big deal about 40 today and 120 tomorrow what am I missing here ?
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