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  1. The flight out 17th got reduced in numbers 38 to 25, 13 put on 24th from 17th plus 12. Aus govt said increase repat flights, but embassy says no BKK extra. One message mentioned being available every week if your registered with smarttraveller to increase chances. But I think it's time embassy handed out priority numbers like 15, ok next flight, or 150, in 6 weeks, give or take as people find alternatives to Aust. You get positive test, you'll be chasing a refund minus fees. In February hopefully Thailand eases, but who knows. I left Thailand late last Feb but came back to go to a wedding
  2. Excuses don't jell, when they are the lag in the chain. A minister saying 2 months to get say under 50 infections there, while the other provinces are in various restrictions. A 7 day, even extend to 14 day, and you have 50 in 2 weeks or near, not 2 months is unfair to the reducing numbers elsewhere, given Bangkok was the initial source, reducing spreaders. The app should by now, be productive to make harsher outcomes. Shouldn't go on under 200, then over 300, the trend.
  3. Bangkok province needs to go into a seven day lockdown, similar to what Australian cities have done, with no in or out except through airport, now chonburi and no doubt other provinces clear infections. Then there second day rise in infections wouldn't occur and numbers reduced, rather than hope. Clear this up rather than prolong it.
  4. I presume you've seen post currently four hours ago, a response in relation travel Bangkok, specifically suma arpt to Pattaya? No checkpoints, bus ekkamai to Pattaya 3 trips a day etc, leave you to see responses.
  5. I use a smile dentist on the left, travelling north, on soi sam, after Pattaya Tai rd for ten years, reasonable rates, always satisfied. Call 0923010900.
  6. Welcome to the uncertainty that is Thailand atm. If certainly authorities have there way even your accommodation will be closed, in Pattaya. I've not seen posts of a second period of quarantine. Once your provided with the paperwork as an essential traveller, upon presentation at roadblocks, I've not heard of negative outcomes yet. As some ask in posts, with travelling throughout Thailand. It's a daily task to keep up with variations. I've seen buses and minivans still offering their service out of Pattaya to Bangkok and who would not be returning empty, but with people both ways having
  7. Let's hope they immediately set up testing stations across the country as essential approved people move between provinces infected. Employ unemployed to operate for periods housed in the vacant accommodation at these stations. These tests need to be free and operate between all major and minor locations to reduce numbers before 7000 a week infected not 2000.
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