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  1. Now you made me want a Beefys Pie with mushrooms
  2. Does Khon Kaen still have a race club if so they probably would have a farrier lurking somewhere. But if you live in that area you probably already know that.
  3. Gazza you know my opinion of you so troll elsewhere .
  4. As usual the hare brain comments made by some posters on here are absolute rubbish. One even quoted Sweden as prime example of why we shouldn’t social distance, lockdown or wear a mask.what utter stupidity. Sweden’s death rate is 12% for that feeble minded person that’s 12 persons in 100 DEAD you trying to convince me they all had some preexisting condition. But keep posting that dribble it’s good for a laugh.
  5. Are you serious.? This will be the local wild life in August.
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