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  1. There was no tourist night market when Poe held court.
  2. Poor <deleted> looks as if he should have retired to a life of leisure in TH.
  3. https://thepattayanews.com/2020/10/30/thailand-announces-smart-band-mandatory-tracking-device-for-foreign-tourists-who-visit-the-country-during-covid-19-pandemic/
  4. How much are idiots paying to sit next them on a long flight?
  5. No, it will benefit the Chinese stranglehold on their paid for political slaves.
  6. So Thai cops make $15 bucks a day? No wonder they have to steal.
  7. That won't help when your blood oxogen levels drop and you start struggling to breath.
  8. Y'all just sit back and wait for the massive riots come the day after Nov 3rd.
  9. You'll want to mention your phone brand also as often the watch is part of the companies ecosystem.
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