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  1. Maybe spend less time on ThaiVisa and learn how to be a parent. #facts
  2. Fascinating a person with 3 passports chose to return to USA, seems like a deal was and is in the works when sitting elsewhere would have kept her out of lockup.
  3. Should just overrun TH in a mock exercise and use the place as a SE Asian military base before CHINA does.
  4. Lampang is a big Nursing School town, not sure how well Isaan ppl are integrated there but can check.
  5. Tramadol is addictive even though a synthetic opiate. I'd be careful taking that repetitively.
  6. More likely scenario is a live Zoom broadcast with someone feeding Biden answers to questions already given to him by Donna Brazil.
  7. Does not mean the masses will even remotely have access to them. Same with Covid tests.
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