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  1. no Safe , why advertise you have something to hide?
  2. Had many bikes over the years but my interest and the Thais driving is more or less deciding I don't want to ride anymore. I have a Honda 650 in the garage that hasn't been used much in the last 5 years when I bought it new, 4000km but wont sell it, may stick it in the living room!
  3. That old excuse, Wife came to Bangkok when 15 and started work in a factory, lying on your back is so much the lazy option.
  4. I'd have used galvanised personally, and did when I did mine last month, and also steel square plates to join roof steel to columns.
  5. Waste of time, so 3 seats apart left to right and front to back, wouldn't worry about mask removal they can't keep their hands off them anyway. Wife went out in On Nut last night and said the restaurant had no social distancing, people taking selfies 5-6 together.
  6. More like Cops USELESS as illegal street racers invade city
  7. Which makes it just fine to go out and smash the place up and steal anything you like. Let's face it many of the protesters are the lowest form of life.
  8. Could have been Dracula and sunlight kills him too!
  9. I'd be concerned about them going to school , with the <deleted> they teach them.
  10. Not only that the exact same vehicles if Colorado or Trailblazer are also made in Brazil where Gm arent bailing out even though the Rayong factory is closing
  11. Find a new agent , total tripe, go to roojai and check out their prices and they UNDER insure ie give a low payout price.
  12. This thread needs to differentiate between the OLD Captiva and the NEW Captiva, totally different vehicles.
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