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  1. I hope they enjoy my Donkey Sex for beginners website I often look at
  2. its in various soil types going down thru 5 metres, Im going to get piles stuck in to stop the new concrete sliding in, there will be a lot of sediment at the bottom.
  3. I like the way "anyone" then stands in the road blindly waving at the traffic in an attempt to "help" when in fact they are just setting themselves up to get run over as well.
  4. Of course sensible countries are offering free or quite cheap covid insurance such as Turkey and the Canary Islands, however that Chinese influence of money money money is always number 1, sad aint it!
  5. i didnt buy it i was just checking out the website for a laugh
  6. should be free to all UK citizens and 25k baht for Thais
  7. 23000 baht for me for one year....................funny as i bought insurance for about 1000 baht when this kicked off with a Thai company 6 months ago, theyr e just out for a money grab, congratulations you bunch of greedy tossers
  8. i would suggest that when your Mother is seriously ill you may reconsider that option....mine fell and broker her hip whilst all this <deleted> was happening and I could not get back to help her.
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