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  1. Taiwan is even worse than Thailand in term of testing. But Taiwan is highly prized around the world regarding covid19 Why do people in here TVF keep asking about number of tests??? It is very easy to seach!! Be smart dont be slow.
  2. Buddhist teaching is "Be at the present" but not "Live for today". Be sure you get that right before say it. You know stupudity is passed on generation to generation too. And for the hospital seating social distancing policies, they keep up and done their jobs by separating seat. Many countries doing that. I dont know how you come up with the effectiveness. Do you have the hospitals kpi? talk about effectiveness, Like in UK, many British people keep burning down 5g towers believing that it is where coronavirus spreading with conspiracy. Is this effective to contain the virus? yes stupidity is passed on generations to generations.
  3. When sneazing, coughing or even talking, wearing mask prevent most droplets/aerosol from comming out of your mask landing / touching on any surfaces. Common sense. Therefore, it help of lowering the risk . Many virus carriers are asymtomatic. This has been discussing for months and WHO admitted they were wrong about telling peopke not to wearing mask. Where have you been?
  4. like people believing burning 5g towers to prevent coronavirus in UK? So not stupid people.
  5. Yes , and there are none of these comming out from Thailand too. For example , stupid herd immunity or injecting disinfectant into human body to kill virus or people keep burning 5g tower due to coronavirus conspiracy or the forgoten rotten piles of covid19 dead bodies in trucks or people fight aganist doctors and nurses, just because they dont want to stay home and want hair cut. or most importantly , people dying from covid19 like valueless animals due to brainless policies, behaviours,egoism, STUPIDITIES of people on every level of societies. these pathetic smart ass things coming out from where again?? Natural selection are working very hard here in 2020.
  6. Saving face is worse in Europe and US where people are afraid and dont even have guts to wear face mask, just becuase they dont want to be seen as weak and sick. They need to maintain tough face all the times.They dont do social distancing because they want to party and drink beer with buddies otherwise they will be seen as coward and loser. lol that is so western mentality . Then bammmm!! People catch the virus and die like dropping flies valueless animal , so sad. Western style of saving face is so deadly and not smart.
  7. No surprise huh.Typical comment like this just keep supporting the well-known long- time steryotype of farang in Thailand of being low class/third class farang , Europe rejected, farang keenok... lol ok ,Let me tell you this. Thailand and every countries need to do research on vaccine in pararel with other countries. If some countries are sucessful first, then information and technique will be shared. Thailand can get things done easier because we are already have fundamentals then we can produce own vaccine . No need to wait and buy ftom other coutries. Easy as that but some of you can not even think this through. No surprise.
  8. Thailand gradually open up the economy with logic and cares.Dont you see the all departmeng store ,golf course, gym, restaurant etc. are coming back for business. Yes, from the views of plain Jane average Joe lije you ,you can see the hardship of Thai people in daily life which is not a big picture. But from the bird eyes view,Thai economy contract 1.8% on q1 . while US and Eeropr contract 4-5% contract, plus out-of-control virus crisis and people die like flies droping. Forget about stupid pride, Thai people and doctors are not childish and stubborn enough to think about pride in this crisis like this. It is more of safety and surviving. I think prople in the west are the one with too much stupid pride and stubborn and that is why they are disastrous in this pandemic and you keep hearing the dumb theories and policies coming out from the west weekly like herd immunity, injecting of dettol to kill covid, people protesting stay at home policy. \What the hell are they thinking and doing over there???
  9. uhh yes ,it is right there on the headline. Go see doctor and check your brain. You are slow.
  10. If Thailand is laughing stock in this pandemic, what about your UK sweden USA where people die drom covid like valueless animal??? Be careful about what you are making fun of , seem like you are making fun of yourself.
  11. lol this attitude coming from loser. Not Thai government.
  12. They should go to America or Japan the world's largest and 2nd largest porn industry. They have every type of porn you would not believe.
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